Brad Tilden: Meet Kennie Luu, one of our best

By Brad Tilden, CEO Chances are, if you’ve flown through Seattle, you’ve seen and may even know Kennie Luu. He’s the guy with a smile a mile wide. If you need something, he wants to help you. Each year, Alaska recognizes the best of the best of our people with the Customer Service Legend Award…

Brad Tilden: It’s all about Respect

More than a thousand times a day, our planes take off, following a careful symphony of process and procedure, to make your flight safe and smooth.  And with each takeoff, our values guide us to operate safely and on-time, to provide great service, to do the right thing, and to be kind-hearted.

Here’s to one team, one goal in 2018

We recently closed the books on a very good 2017, and before we get too much further into 2018, I want to pause and reflect on what you, our customers, have helped create. Measured as a whole, 2017 was a remarkable year. We flew 44 million of you around this incredible country – and beyond…

This is a photo of an Alaska Airlines jet taxiing on a runway.

Hey Congress, let’s upgrade our skies

It’s September, kids are headed back to school and Congress is heading into session about to vote on an FAA bill to reform our nation’s air traffic system. You say, why does it matter to me? Here’s three reasons why Air Traffic Control (ATC) Reform will help today’s travelers and why Alaska Airlines is strongly…