Here’s to one team, one goal in 2018

Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden.

We recently closed the books on a very good 2017, and before we get too much further into 2018, I want to pause and reflect on what you, our customers, have helped create.

Measured as a whole, 2017 was a remarkable year. We flew 44 million of you around this incredible country – and beyond – with the great value and the caring and genuine service that has made Alaska Airlines successful for more than 85 years. We also made significant progress in our merger with Virgin America, achieving a single operating certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration in early January. By the end of April, we will have a single shopping/reservations/check-in system, and we will be 75 percent complete with the process of merging our companies – which means a more streamlined experience for you.

Looking ahead to 2018, Virgin America is bringing fresh energy and ideas as we update our guest experience. A recent article in Condé Nast Traveler says the merger of Alaska Airlines and Virgin America is “what happens when the cool kid of the skies hooks up with the straight-A student. You get a straight-A student who’s now dressing a little more punk rock and cracking open a beer in the parking lot.”  

Our teams have been working hard at Alaska to incorporate all that guests love about Virgin America into the Alaska Airlines brand they respect and can count on. We’re two incredible, pioneering airlines in the business and we’re linking arms for the future.

Here’s some of what you can expect

  • A lot more places to fly. We added 44 new routes in the last year, along with the 38 additional routes operated by Virgin America.
  • High-speed satellite Wi-Fi implementation in our Boeing and Airbus aircraft, starting with the first airplane in March.
  • Updated and expanded airport lounges, and a New York/JFK lounge opening in April and a new 15,000-square-foot flagship lounge in Seattle – opening in 2019.
  • Modern new interiors on our aircraft with blue mood lighting on board, and a single Alaska-branded airport experience with music to celebrate our West Coast
  • More free texting, and more than 200 movies and TV shows running for free, direct to your device.
  • West Coast-inspired onboard food and beverage choices, including healthy natural ingredients, full-pour regional wine and microbrews.

Living our values

We’re also proud to be making a difference in other ways, such as:

  • Winning with our people. We rewarded our employees with $148 million in bonuses for their fantastic 2017 performance.
  • Embracing equality. Alaska received a perfect score of 100 percent for workplace equality on the 2018 Corporate Equality Index.
  • Leading the industry in fuel efficiency for the seventh consecutive year as measured by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
  • Giving back in our communities. Alaska donated over $14 million and contributed more than 32,000 volunteer hours in 2017 to support nonprofits, especially those connecting young people with education and opportunity.
  • Running a great airline. Alaska ranked in the top five of the most engaged companies, and the highest airline, in the U.S. by Forbes Insights, which measured social media engagement, net promoter scores and year-over-year sales growth.

As you can see, we’re making fantastic progress and 2018 is shaping up to be a great year to be part of Alaska Airlines. We’re making investments in our community and in our business as well as offering great value, genuine caring service, a generous loyalty program and a safe and reliable operation. Thank you for being on the journey with us, and for supporting our incredible growth over the years. Our commitment to you is that we’re going to do everything we can to continue creating an airline people love.


  1. Hi, I’m a 75K / Gold AS flyer for many years. I just finished my first 15K or so miles on VX. Overall a good experience! A couple things I hope you will change, like lounge access and apps/web check it, but overall I’m looking forward to this new set of routes and options as part of the AS family!

    1. As someone who’s been flying VX since the third day they began flight ops in August 2007, I’ve never had a problem checking into a flight via the web OR via their app. (Now, if could be that the VX mobile app is no longer available for download — and it wouldn’t surprise me — but that’s an AS issue.)

  2. Love the values part of the blog — it shows that Alaska gives priority to living its values! Also +1 for a direct flight to Hartford! I reactivated my Alaska membership for the direct to East Coast value! Also +1 for the Five start customer experince every time I have needed to call Alaska customer support!

  3. I love Alaska airlines but as recently as January had a poor experience with Virgin. Please impart your Alaska values to Virgin employees and don’t loose Alaska in the process.

    1. Sharon, if it’s any consolation — and I’m sure it’s not — I’ve had nothing but very good-to-excellent experiences on VX, yet a truly disastrous r/t from SFO-MEX on Alaska . . . go figure! Everyone has a bad day, I suppose . . .

  4. I hope Ken in Boise was the recipient of a bonus. He was beyond helpful to me recently when I had to get to BOI for my dearest uncle’s funeral. I applaud Alaska for empowering their employees to provide THE BEST service in the industry.

    The competing airline on which I am a HIGH MILEAGE FF does not give their employees ANY discretion when it comes to customer service. If you flew to Paris or Singapore I would have high status on YOUR airline!! Kudos to Alaska.

  5. More flights from BOI.

    Regional flights within idaho again please.

    Former 75k

    1. Flights to lax or sna would be nice

  6. Please add more flights to Phoenix Az from Portland Oregon nonstop. There’s only two now and it’s difficult to get a seat. The flights are always full and overbooked. I’ve been flying Alaska for 25 and it’s more difficult than ever to get to Phoenix all the time.

  7. Alaska Air has forgotten about all the Canadian travellers that have flown Alaska to Hawaii for the last few years, especially the last two. We now have HORRIBLE connections and it take the whole day to get there from Vancouver. Who chooses to get up at 3:30 am to get to the YVR airport for 6am flight to sit in Seattle for 3.5 hours??? Can you not put another Horizon flight at 8:00 am to connect with the Seattle flights to HNL,KOA,OGG etc…

    Sincerely….a long standing customer who loved Alaska until you bought Virgin – then you forgot all about us..

  8. Please add back American as a partner. They are a wonderful airline and go to cities Alaska doesn’t that I need to fly to.
    Before I become a AA member.

    1. ???? Agree 100%!

  9. Great job!

    Please look into nonstops connecting San Antonio with more west coast destinations.

  10. Do you have any flights to Tokyo? I am going to Japan in May.

    1. Elizabeth, Alaska doesn’t fly their own planes to Asia, but you can use your Mileage Plan miles to book flights there on American, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Hainan, JAL and Korean Air . . . .

  11. This seems to be my only access point to tell Alaska Airlines that their credit card tied to Bank America was a poor decision. For instance, I owed nothing and had a zero balance since md January. I called the automated number and verified that. But all last week I kept getting these big warning emails from Bank America that my payment was due by February 6th – as if I were delinquent. Their messages did not even reference my “Alaska Airlines” credit card. Anyway, I decided to cancl my account. Why is your mission to confuse the customer? And this is for a card I PAID FOR – unlike the Discover and American Express cads I have. Weird and sad.

  12. Considering you failed to mention it, am I to presume that any Alaska Lounge that *was* planned for VX’s home airport of SFO is now “off the table”? (Major disappointment . . . )

  13. That’s great to hear! Please add Hartford (BDL) – New England’s second-largest airport!

  14. GoGo receipt # 306675329DPAS for WiFi was a waste of money.

  15. Although I was concerned with the merge of Virgin America and Alaska Airlines I have to say I am so im[ressed with every single encounter I have had with Alaska Airlines. My father passed away this past December and the concern and compassion shown to me and my family was overwhelming. From the reservation desk that quietly calmed me through my tears as I made reservations for my family to attend the services to the gate persons who helped my husband and I get seats together to the in-flight crew that talked to me to comfort me. Truly above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. I am a new loyal fan of Alaska and plan to make it my sole airline for all possible flights. Job well done!!!

  16. Love Alaska Airlines. Please add Hartford (BDL) and West Palm Beach (PBI) direct flights!

    1. Direct or nonstop?

  17. Good job but let’s see about opening a
    San Diego Alaska Lounge in 2018 and
    Increasing service to Tucson

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