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Flying a hero: When “Gramps” needed one final ride, his family reached out to this Alaska Airlines pilot 

On Saturday, Alaska’s Fallen Soldier Cart team held a special ceremony for the final flight of Naval Chief Petty Officer Richard Clyde Higgins. His remains were flown on our Honoring Those Who Serve aircraft from Portland to his final resting place in Southern California, where he will be buried beside his wife. His family, our guests and employees witnessed the emotional and honorable journey for the fallen hero. Higgins, one of the last Pearl Harbor survivors, was 102.

Alaska Airlines statement on Boeing  

For nearly 60 years, Alaska Airlines has flown Boeing airplanes. We share more than a hometown with Boeing; we share a passion for flying and a commitment to safety. We know the people behind the planes, who have dedicated their careers over these decades to make air travel better and safer. Alaska Airlines is committed to Boeing, and we will do everything we can to contribute to the critical work under way to ensure excellence in production quality and safety.