Self-care in the air: 6 tips to get in the flight headspace

Many of us have lives that go nonstop, so it’s essential to prioritize the solacing self-care activities that bring us the most joy and put us in the best headspace. And if travel’s on that list for you, then you’ve landed in the right spot (and flight spot!). This year, we want to help you approach your time spent in the air with health and wellness in mind, from relaxing destinations to onboard meditations, and everything in between.

Lettuce eat well.

Sometimes anything goes when you’re on-the-go––pizza for breakfast, airport martinis for lunch, a package of gummy bears for dinner. (No judgment!) But if you’re sticking to a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, no matter where in the world you’re headed, then we’re making sure you don’t just have to wing it. Our onboard menu is already known for being the healthiest in the sky, but we recently partnered with Evergreens to continue bringing local, healthy, and fresh ingredients to your tray table. The Beets So Fly Salad is available now on select longer-haul flights until March 16, followed by the Go Fig or Go Home Salad, available through the spring. Don’t forget to pre-order yours on the Alaska app––which happens to be our favorite kind of meal prep.

Destination: Meditation

It can be tough to quiet the mind when you’re jet-setting and preparing for a long-awaited adventure, which is why we’re proud to partner with Headspace to offer FREE inflight meditation sessions. We’ll help you be kind to your mind––from takeoff and touchdown to pre-flight nerves and inflight naps! If that sounds good, then look for Headspace in our entertainment portal the next time you’re on board, and get ready to let go, on the go.

The home stretch

You can always sit with us! But we know sitting for too long can leave you restless in your seat at 35,000 feet, so the next time the seat-belt sign is on, why not try your own version of in-seat yoga? Flexing, pointing and rotating your feet, side-to-side neck stretches, wiggling your fingers and toes, and crossing your arms and legs can help your body feel like it’s in motion. (Just be conscious of your seatmate’s space!) And of course, everyone loves long walks down the aisle — especially after sitting for a few hours — so be sure to take advantage of those stretchable strolls to the lavatory. Booking a Premium Class seat with extra legroom (and complimentary cocktails!) is also an easy and valuable way to elevate your self-care game right out of the gate.

More DIY on the fly

Some other ideas to help make your flight as pampered as possible? Hydrate. Bring your own water bottle and #FillBeforeYouFly. (We’ll also make sure you’re served water as soon as it’s safe for our flight attendants to walk through the cabin.) Keep calm and pack a sheet mask in your carry-on. (Your skin needs hydration, too!) Order a nice, hot cup of Teavana® tea. Watch a classic, feel-good film from our selection of the Most Movies in the Sky.* Do the crossword puzzle in the back of Beyond. Make a soothing travel playlist for the exact amount of flight time. Before you know it, you’ll be landing refreshed, ready to go BIG or go home — or wherever your travels may lead!

Say yes to de-stress!

We know opportunities for mindfulness exist in varying degrees and forms, subjective to timeframes and lifestyles, but we hope you find it, if even briefly, in your travels. (Yes, our Signature Fruit & Cheese Platter is a form of self-care!)

Get out of town!

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