Self-care in the air: 6 tips to get in the flight headspace

Many of us have lives that go nonstop, so it’s essential to prioritize the solacing self-care activities that bring us the most joy and put us in the best headspace. And if travel’s on that list for you, then you’ve landed in the right spot (and flight spot!). This year, we want to help you approach your time spent in the air with health and wellness in mind, from relaxing destinations to onboard meditations, and everything in between. Here’s a guide to taking your self-care to new heights.

How it works: Alaska Beyond™ Entertainment

We get it: long flights can be boring. Enter Alaska Beyond™ Entertainment – a new service that enables you to watch hit TV shows, movies, and exclusive content from Alaska on your own device at cruising altitude. We’ve been upgrading our Boeing 737 fleet with direct-to-your-device entertainment, and today are thrilled to announce we’re just…