Samantha Lund, Staff Writer

Samantha is a digital content intern for Alaska Airlines. She studies multimedia journalism at Pacific Lutheran University and thinks print should never have to stand alone in a piece.
Her biggest travel mistake was not checking her purse before boarding and getting into the air before realizing she had her boss's keys - to the facility she was traveling thousands of miles away from.


“Band in Seattle” brings local music to your seat

The Seattle music scene doesn’t disappoint. After Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters found their success it seemed like artists flocked to the Emerald City and the music scene became one of the most cherished parts of Seattle culture. Alaska Airlines passengers can now get a real taste of that culture while inflight. “Band…

Team Russell vs. Team Joel: Game on

Squatting Suburbans, benching boats or lifting linebackers, no workout can prepare you for the ultimate challenge: a plane pull. Update July 28, 2015, 2 p.m.: Team Russell successfully pulled the jet 25 feet in 16.9 seconds, with Team Joel coming in at over a minute. (A second pull by Team Joel actually netted a time of…

20 things for 20-somethings to do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is not the usual 20-something’s idea of a vacation spot. What do they even have there, cheese and beer? If the beer isn’t enough to get you there, it turns out Milwaukee is a creative hub for art, music and food like you’ve never seen. Here are 20-something must-do’s for 20-somethings visiting Milwaukee:

Fact: Our flight attendants can dance

For six years, flight attendants have danced down the streets of Seattle in the city’s annual Torchlight Parade, showing everyone that the famous “Alaska Spirit” doesn’t stop in the air. The team walks 2.5 miles through downtown Seattle in full uniform, armed with suitcases, performing choreographed dances. This year, the team is expected to be 45…

Retiring “Peedee”: Portland’s favorite celebrity

Portland International Airport’s carpet is the best kind of celebrity — it’s always around for pictures, supports the community and never gets caught in a scandal. After nearly 30 years, the PDX carpet is retiring and Portlanders are cherishing every moment until the final foot of carpet is pulled up at the end of this…