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This is a photo of the new Alaska Lounge with green and navy seats, flatscreen TVs and a glass wall.

With Alaska Mileage Plan and Alaska Global Partners, you can earn miles to more than 900 destinations worldwide. But we wouldn’t just send our loyal guests globetrotting without a place to kick back and relax along the way, and an Alaska Lounge membership can provide exactly that.

Together with our partners, Alaska Lounge members have access to over 90 airport lounges worldwide. We’ve got you covered if your travels take you to Chicago, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris – you get the idea.

Here are a few lounges across the globe you can access with your Alaska Lounge membership:


Alaska Lounge
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Concourse C

Alaska Airlines recently unveiled its new lounge at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Located in Concourse C, the new lounge offers stunning views of airplanes taking off and landing, and the surrounding mountain ranges.

In addition to lounges in Concourse D and the North Satellite, guests can enjoy a variety of snacks, including soups and salads, as well as cocktails. And don’t fret – with all of the new design and refresh, the beloved pancake machine is here to stay.

Other Alaska Lounge locations include Anchorage, Portland, Los Angeles.

Qantas International Business Lounge
Los Angeles – Tom Bradley International Terminal
Airside Departures Level 5

Before flying with Qantas to Australia, Alaska Lounge members can enjoy a new standard of luxury and convenience at the Qantas Los Angeles Business Lounge. This spacious, stylish lounge features interiors and dining inspired by contemporary California culture. A communal fireplace and central glass atrium create a relaxing environment. Hungry? Experience menus designed by Australian chef Neil Perry, with flavors and ingredients inspired by multicultural California, or enjoy a drink at the bar.

American Airlines Admirals Club
Chicago O’Hare International Airport
Terminal 3

Travel frequently to Chicago? Lounge members flying on Alaska Airlines or American Airlines can access three American Airlines Admirals Club locations in Chicago O’Hare with their Alaska Lounge membership. This lounge includes complimentary internet access, complimentary snacks and meals for purchase.

Alaska Lounge members, when flying on Alaska or American Airlines, also have access to more than 40 domestic American Airlines Admirals Club locations including Dallas, Newark, Orange County and Phoenix. For a full list click here.


Qantas International Business Lounge
Airside Level 3

Whether it’s a trip to Sydney for business or pleasure, the Qantas International Business Lounge has something for everyone. The lounge in Sydney features wireless internet and comfortable, quiet places to catch up on work or emails. Fresh salads and dining options, with bar service and a barista also make it a good place to refuel.

This lounge also features a family zone – perfect for families looking to unwind.

Qantas Club Domestic Lounge
Brisbane Airport
Departures Level 1, near Gate 22

Guests traveling around Australia with Qantas, can kick back in style with their Alaska Lounge membership. Recently redeveloped, the Qantas Club domestic lounge at Brisbane includes a fresh space to eat, drink and relax. This lounge is also equipped with a complimentary bar, coffee barista and showers.

When flying Qantas, Alaska Lounge members have access to several Qantas Club locations throughout Australia with domestic lounges at Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Cairns, among others.

The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge
Hong Kong
Level 7, above Gate 15

Hong Kong is famous for its rich culture and cuisine. For guests who are not quite ready to let it go, and departing on Qantas, the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge can provide that last taste before leaving. Guests can experience unique dishes, inspired by Neil Perry’s Spice Temple, and signature cocktails.

Other Qantas lounge locations in Asia include Tokyo (Narita) and Singapore.

American Airlines Admirals Club
Terminal 3

For those traveling abroad with American Airlines, Alaska Lounge members can access several American Airlines Admirals Club international locations. The club at London-Heathrow offers a relaxing, professional escape from the bustling airport – featuring complimentary Wi-Fi, snacks and beverages, as well as charging stations and showers.

When flying American, Alaska Lounge members have access to locations in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo (Narita), and other international locations.


  1. How about Iceland as you have your partner with free layovers……..

  2. I was recently in NYC and the AK Lounge at JFK is awesome! You outdid your self! ????????????

  3. The Honolulu Admirals Lounge was great ???? Food and drinks really glad I am a Alaska Lounge Member. Thank you also for the great news about Seattle, Portland and Anchorage getting up grated. Hope in future that the Portland Lounge will be able to serve whiskey and other spirits?

  4. San Francisco?

  5. What about Atlanta and Houston…what lounges are available to us Alaska Airlines Lounge Members?

    1. Hi Cindy – Alaska Lounge members have access to the American Airlines Admirals Club in Atlanta. You can view a complete list of locations here.

  6. AlaskaAirlines and the Lounge is incredible!!

  7. How do I become an Alaska Lounge member?

    1. Hi Ginny – you can sign up online here.

  8. Any plans to open an Alaska lounge in San Jose, Costa Rica? Or Libera? Would love to see that happen at both locations.

  9. So – o, are you going to tell us what it takes to join the “club”? You have thrown out the bait but there is no hook, (unless I missed it.).

    1. Hi Ernst – you can sign up for an Alaska Lounge membership here.

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