Dianne McGinness

Dianne works in corporate communications at Alaska Airlines. She loves anything and everything that involves traveling, writing, reading, walking and airplanes. Her favorite thing about working at Alaska is that no moment is ever dull. On one crazy travel adventure, Dianne nearly missed her flight from Dublin, Ireland to Copenhagen, Denmark due to misreading the departure time on her boarding pass. Her mad dash to catch the plane involved a mile-long sprint through the Dublin Airport, only to find that the plane that she was running to, had not even arrived from its previous destination. **Profile picture: Alaska Airlines Corporate Headquarters, 2019. **


Family at Pensacola Beach

Teamwork at 35,000 ft. helps dad with child in ICU

Finding out your child is in the hospital is terrifying, especially if you get the news while you’re in the air, aboard a flight headed in the opposite direction. Jason Carlton, a resident of De Queen, Arkansas, was flying on Feb. 20 with two friends from Dallas to a ministry conference in Seattle. Prior to…