Year in Review: Clean planes, remarkable service from our top-notch crew, here’s a poem bidding 2020 adieu

Though 2020 was far from what we expected,
Alaska did whatever we could to help keep people connected.

From putting on our dancing shoes and masking all of our crews.
We want to share our top moments with all of you.

We continue to stand up for what’s right.

ICYMI: In Palm Springs, we made an airplane shine bright.

We rocked new custom uniforms and holiday sweaters.

We announced more oneworld perks for our loyal jetsetters.

We learned how to pivot during a pandemic.

Protip: get your hands on our free sanitizing wipes—they’re organic.

Remember that special flight for a boy and his Dad?

Or the time our CSA gave her car keys to a stranger? That also made us glad!

We donated iPads and hockey sticks to youth.

And, don’t forget, we also flew the first Copper Salmon,

(we hear it pairs well with honey & vermouth).

You might also recall a familiar face above Seattle’s skyline.

And studies that showed it’s safe to fly was an excellent sign!

From zero to 30,000 feet, there’s HEPA- filtered, fresh air.

Our goal is to keep you safe with our Next-Level Care.

Make sure you wear a mask, unless you’re grabbing a bite.

And sit back, relax on your next Alaska flight.

Did you catch the news? Or the word on the street?

This year, we also announced plans to expand our MAX fleet.

We flew medical workers and the first of many COVID-19 vaccines.

If you liked Alaska’s “Safety Dance”music video, don’t forget to check out the behind-the-scenes.

This year, our planes may not have seen as many of you,

but they saw lots of essential goods and PPE too.

We also offered sweet deals like Russell’s touchdown discounts and Buy-One-Get-One-Free.

We shared tips for travel and what to do in Hawaii.

Alaska even planted trees and donated a million meals,

seeing all the good that can happen gives us all the feels.

For those of you who stayed at home, our Zoom backgrounds and couch getaways helped you explore.

We offered tips for long weekends, seeing the Northern lights and places for golfers to shout “FORE!”

We celebrated a year at Everett’s Paine Field.

And our partnership with the NHL in Seattle was revealed.

Before we bid 2020 adieu,

Please know that this is our commitment to you!

We’re here to make travel accessible and safe for everyone.

And we cannot wait for you to fly with us in 2021.

Most photos by Ingrid Barrentine.


  1. Because of NextLevelCare, my 80 year old husband and I were able to fly NC to Seattle and spend 2 weeks with our daughter and her husband. It was so incredible! Thank you!

  2. I appreciate this 2020 poem! It’s a good reminder of all that we accomplished this year. Thank you!

  3. Your the greatest. Everyone should only fly Alaska I hope to be flying you a lot in 2021. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  4. What an awesome salute to 2020 efforts! Kudos to the writers and photographers. I’m so looking forward to see what 2021 has in store for our Alaska Airlines family! Let’s soar into the blue skies and continue to do what we do best: create an airline people love. Blessings and love to all.

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