Cole Cosgrove

Cole is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest & works for Alaska Airlines. His favorite thing about working for an airline is the view from the oval windows. Also, free coffee.


Explore Baltimore: 5 reasons to take your kid

The first verses of “The Star-Spangled Banner” echoed through Oriole Park at Camden Yards – the traditional opening to sporting events across America. But here in Baltimore, the national anthem carries added significance. Three miles away is Fort McHenry, site of the battle that inspired the song’s words exactly 200 years ago. “And the rocket’s red glare,…

Alaska VP asks senators to support extending NextGen ‘all the way to the runway’

Gary Beck, vice president of flight operations at Alaska Airlines, testified Wednesday in Washington, D.C., before a Senate subcommittee on aviation. In the hearing to examine the Federal Aviation Administration’s progress on NextGen, Chairwoman Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Washington, highlighted the work that Alaska Airlines is already doing. “One of the areas I mentioned is the implementation…