Watch 26 new LGBTQ+ film festival shorts, movies and TV shows onboard Alaska Airlines

We’re celebrating Pride 2021 in the sky this year with 15 film festival shorts from our partners at the Frameline Film Festival, Tasveer South Asian Film Festival and Three Dollar Bill Cinema, whose films specifically focus on transgender stories.

Our Pride Month collection also includes 15+ movies and TV shows with LGBTQ+ themes including new releases such as Dating Amber, AJ and the Queen (starring RuPaul!) and the San Diego Zoo’s Penguin Beach, a reality show which features a longtime relationship between two male African penguins, Rocko and Hoover. 

Below are some of the must-see films and recommendations from our GLOBE members, Alaska’s LGBTQ+ business resource group. You can watch the content on all Alaska flights and Horizon E175s.

The Paper Mirror (Frameline Film Festival)

In the winter of 2010, Alison Bechdel is entrenched in the process of writing “Are You My Mother,” a hauntingly personal graphic memoir about her mother, and a follow up of sorts to 2006’s award-winning “Fun Home.” Known best for her decades-long comic strip “Dykes to Watch Out For,” Bechdel’s artistry is in a transitional phase, as is world-renowned painter Riva Lehrer’s, as she moves from art focusing on disabilities into other subjects.

Charissa King O’Brien’s intimate short documentary captures this pivotal collaboration between two influential artists, as Lehrer completes a compelling portrait of Bechdel over the course of two years, yielding a highly satisfying work of psychological insight.

Directed by Charissa King-O’Brien; 2012; 34 min.; USA

The Rogers (Three Dollar Bill Cinema)

A Three Dollar Bill Cinema favorite, this film is an intimate glimpse of the first visible group of transgender men in the Pacific: the Rogers of Samoa. From the loneliness of family rejection and homelessness to the camaraderie of cooking, church and dance, their stories reveal the challenges and possibilities of life in an island society rooted in tradition.

Directed by Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson; 2020; 16 min.; English and Samoan, with English subtitles.

Mr. Navajo (Frameline Film Festival)

Zachariah George is a twenty-five-year-old Native American living in the rural outcrop of White Rock, New Mexico. Going by the moniker Mr. Navajo, George wears two hats; the first as a public figure renowned for event speaking and singing in the Navajo language, the second is as an advocate for LGBTQ+ communities.

Directed by Jasper Rischen & Saila Huusko; 2020; 14 min.; USA

Alaska’s Pride Month Film Collection

“An Americanized remake of the classic La Cage aux Folles. While Robin Williams and Nathan Lane steal the spotlight, the entire cast is amazing in their immersion into their characters.  Some of the lines and movements that were made just let you know that they put their all into it. Oh, how I would have loved to be there during the production, I’m sure the banter was amazing,” says Odette, a Chicago-based customer service agent.

The Birdcage

The Paper Mirror (Frameline)

“My wife and I, and our 9-year-old daughter, Leilani, have always been obsessed with this movie because it’s a beautiful coming-of-age love story in our LGBTQIA+ community. Representation truly matters, and we love how we can celebrate that when watching Simon fall in love with “Blue” on screen. We didn’t have films like this when my wife and I were growing up, but we are so thankful our daughter can see that LOVE IS LOVE, and that we can all celebrate this small victory together,” says Rasha, a Portland-based flight attendant.

Love, Simon 

I Am Samantha (Three Dollar Bill Cinema)

Pride TV Shows

“This show is fabulous! I’m so looking forward to watching it onboard,” says Orly, a Seattle-based flight attendant.

AJ and the Queen: Season 1

Hoover won’t stand for any other birds trying to flirt with Rocko and the human bird keepers on the show even believe the pair could be responsible enough to receive a “foster egg” to care for!

Penguin Beach (San Diego Zoo)