5 tips for planning your ‘race-cation’ with Alaska Airlines

Run or walk the Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers in San Francisco.

Hardcore runners travel with the goal of completing a race, and then flying home. But what’s the fun in that?  How about traveling to an amazing destination with the goal of having a great vacation – with a little running on the side?

5 tips for planning your racecation:

  1. Book your flights to arrive a day before the race and stay for several days after. That way you can freely enjoy the destination post-race – while patting yourself on the back for your accomplishment!
  2. Don’t eat anything new the day before your race. Save the lobster mac-n-cheese and garlic frites for later and pack something easy on the stomach for your pre-race meal. Alaska Airlines offers a healthy fruit and cheese plate and other fresh, local food choices on board.
  3. Drink lots of water on your flights. Flying dehydrates and can leave you depleted. Many suggest eight ounces of water for every hour in the air.
  4. Plan your post-race day. You deserve a break – after all you just ran a half marathon! Plan ahead for your non-running travel companions to have something to do the day after the race, so you can put your feet up.
  5. Pack comfy shoes along with your running shoes. Walking around in sandals will be much easier on the blistered heels and sore toes.