Marianne Lindsey

Marianne is a storyteller for Alaska Airlines, with a background in public relations and marketing. She started with the airline in 1986 as an intern out of WSU's School of Communications - so she's been around awhile. She currently works part-time and she and her husband travel a lot, mostly chasing their sons—one a fighter pilot in the Marines, the other a filmmaker and outdoor adventurer. She is a volunteer running coach for high schoolers and has run three marathons. Profile photo: Top of Mt. Townsend, Olympic National Forest


Meet an Alaska Airlines leader with a disability who says he is doing what he was meant to do  

Steve uses his life experiences with deafness to lead major parts of his (and his team’s) philosophy, which helps others feel heard and validated. “I don’t normally like to toot my own horn, but when it comes to disability advocacy, that’s a different thing. I think it’s really important for employees to see that, yes, you can have a significant disability and be a leader too,” he says.   

Celebrating Flight Attendants’ 50 years in the skies for Alaska Airlines

Today is International Flight Attendant Day—a day where we collectively tip our hats to our flight attendants with awe and appreciation for all that you do, every flight, every day to ensure safety and care for our guests. And what better way to honor our inflight team than to celebrate four incredible women who have each spent over 50 years in the skies for Alaska Airlines. Here’s their story.