Meet Team Russell Wilson

Our teams have been pumping iron and working hard to face off on July 28 in the Alaska Airlines Plane Pull for Strong Against Cancer. The teams are led by Alaska CFO Russell Wilson and actor and comedian Joel McHale, and are made up of Alaska Airlines maintenance and engineering employees and local winners of a Facebook contest.

Team Russell

Alaska Airlines Participants:

Teammate Position About Me …
Brad Fornelius Line avionics technician I am strong because … “I grew up in the 1970’s and my mom fed me processed food.”
Cornelius Reidy Stores clerk I’m preparing for the plane pull by … “Just bought new living room furniture. Now the girlfriend is having me rearrange everything.”
Jesus Rodiles Hangar line tech helper The biggest thing I’ve pulled was … “A 1996 pick up truck.”
Wesley Soares Aircraft line technician I am strong because … “I lost my grandmother to breast cancer and my uncle to pancreatic cancer so I have a personal connection to wanting to fight cancer.”
John Marshall Manager Q400 fleet technical services

Bob Fairweather Aircraft line maintenance supervisor I’m preparing for the plane pull by … “Pulling the plug in the bathtub and fighting the current… Just kidding! I have a farm that keeps me pretty busy and in shape.”
Steven Sanders Operations reporting analyst A fun fact about me is … “I have a collection of over 100 rubber duckies at my parents’ house in Houston, Texas.”
Denny Gonzalez Material planner

Patrick Garner Line aircraft technician The biggest thing I’ve pulled was … “A 737 engine.”
Landon Baur Power plant engineer A fun fact about me is … “My love for the state of Alaska began in 1997 when my family took a three-month, 10,000 mile camping trip throughout Alaska in our VW van. That was one of the best trips of my life.”
Dorina Ghiran Configuration control specialist When I’m not pulling planes … “I’m pushing them.”

Facebook Contest Winners:

Teammate Picture About Me …
Randy Jackson randy jackson A fun fact about me is … “In the last year I’ve lost 80 pounds and I’ve never felt better!”
John Avery john avery I am strong because … “My sister and my mother both survived cancer.”
Kellie Bauman I prepared for the plane pull by … “Running a charity Color 5K.”
Julie Johnson julie johnson I’m preparing for the plane pull by … “Oh man! Nobody told me I have to prepare!”
Don Winters don I’m strong because … “I survived cancer! Seven years cancer-free.”
Debbie Hoover hoover My team will win because … “We have heart the size of Texas. Can you tell I’m from Texas?”
Brenda Diaz brenda My team will win because … “We have the best QB in the league. Have you seen his arms?”
Betty Corbitt betty corbitt  I am strong because … “I beat cancer.”
Jody Stull-Deno jody  I am strong because … “I am woman, hear me roar!”