Alaska Airlines April 7, 2022 Operational Update

5 p.m. PT, Thursday, April 7

We’ve recently let down some of our valued guests by cancelling an unusual number of flights. The primary cause of cancellations is the shortage of pilots available to fly versus what was planned when we built our April schedule in January.

We are making immediate changes to ensure our guests can count on us to get them where they want to go. We’re reducing about 2% of our total flights through the end of June to match our current pilot capacity. These reductions will be reflected in our posted schedule in mid-April. In the meantime, reductions will show up as cancellations. Today, we’ve cancelled 42 flights.

We will do everything we can to minimize disruptions to travelers’ plans and we will let guests know in advance if their itinerary is impacted by these schedule adjustments. Check your flight status here.

Learn more about the pilot shortage and what we’re doing about it.