San Francisco–based flight attendant Peter continues 30+ years of positive connections

When Peter Tizzard defines the top requirements for providing good service, he has a lengthy list: “Being genuine and sincere is important,” says the 32-year commercial-aviation professional who has worked for more than 12 years combined at Alaska Airlines and Virgin America. “Paying attention to details, being humble, listening and making positive connections with our guests are crucial, too.”

All of these goals come down to one thing, Tizzard says: “Bringing joy to people. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Tizzard, a San Francisco–based flight attendant who lives in Las Vegas, has, in multiple roles, provided great service to flyers over the years. He started out in ground operations in 1987 at a regional airline in Florida. Eventually, he became a flight attendant, and he was one of the original teammates at Virgin America in 2007. A multi­talented employee, he has helped hire and train flight attendants over the years, and has worked as a catering operations analyst, an inflight service instructor and an air transportation supervisor.

Being a flight attendant was his original dream, Tizzard says, explaining that, since childhood, he’s had a passion for travel and learning about other cultures.

His parents instilled this, says Tizzard, whose father worked for 38 years for British Airways, and whose mother worked as a travel-agent manager. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Tizzard feels fortunate and blessed to have traveled “all over” while growing up.

According to co-workers, Tizzard brings great positivity to his work and is respected for being encouraging and uplifting with other flight attendants, as well as with airline guests.

“I try to lead and make others feel comfortable,” Tizzard says. “This work is my passion, and there’s no greater thing you can do with life and work than to follow your passion in a way that serves you and the world.”

Questions & Answers

What do you like most about your job?

There are never two flights alike. And the connections I make with guests can change my perspective—and theirs.

What are your interests outside work? I’m very outdoorsy. I like hiking and biking, at home and when I travel.

Where do you most like traveling? Throughout Asia and Europe, for the food and culture and history. Places I’ve returned to include Osaka and Kyoto, Japan; Krabi, Thailand; and Madrid, Spain. And anywhere with a beach equals sun and fun.

Do you have any travel tips? At least once a year, pack “one way” and donate clothes, shoes and jackets at your destination. Take it as a chance to refresh your wardrobe. There are great places to shop for new clothes while you’re traveling.

What advice do you have for new hires? It’s never about the destination. It’s about the journey.

Kudos from Peter’s Co-Workers

“Peter welcomes guests and starts a conversation, and he captivates them for the entire flight. And even after the flight. It’s a gift that only some people have.” —Ludi S., Flight Attendant, San Francisco

“He just makes you feel good. He makes you feel smart; he makes you feel comfortable; he makes you feel welcome. He makes you feel like you’re the only person in a room when he’s talking to you, because he’s so intentional, and so present. There aren’t a lot of people like him.” —Molly C., Flight Attendant, San Francisco

“He is really level about how he treats everyone. Everyone’s treated really, really well.” —Elmer T., Customer Service Agent Trainer, San Francisco

“Guests are always ecstatic with Peter’s personalized service. Everybody loves Peter when they walk off the aircraft.” —Michael G., Captain, San Francisco

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