A new era: Our first commercial flights launch at Paine Field

At 10 a.m. today, Alaska Airlines Flight 2878, with service provided by Horizon Air, made history when it departed from Everett to Portland.

“This is a huge moment for Horizon, and being here you can see what a big deal it is for the local area. This is what we’re all about,” said La’Princia Miller, a Horizon Air flight attendant.

The aircraft – with 76 guests and four crew members onboard – became the first flight from the new commercial air terminal at Paine Field-Snohomish County airport, unleashing a wave of pride, excitement and so many possibilities.

“This is a game changer. From where I live, the traffic is very predictable coming to Paine Field, like 20 minutes to get here. That’s really nice,” said Joan Carstons, who lives in Kirkland. “Going to Sea-Tac, there can be a wreck or something else happening that day that could cause a longer drive.”

“This is history in the making. I’m just so excited to be a part of it and serve the community I come from,” said Michelle Tagalog, Horizon Air customer service agent who lives in nearby Lynnwood. “Our goal is to give our guests a great travel experience that gets them through the main door and into the terminal in just a few minutes.”

When Paine Field was first planned during the 1930s, it was supposed to be a commercial airport. Instead, it became a different economic engine tied to the aerospace industry in Snohomish County. But now that original goal is a reality: Paine Field is home to the nation’s newest passenger air terminal – and Alaska is helping lead the way.

Today, just three flights departed from Paine Field. By mid-March, we’ll have our full schedule of 18 daily nonstop departures to 8 West Coast destinations that are most popular with our guests. Horizon Air is providing the all-jet service on the Embraer 175 aircraft, which features first class and premium class seating.

Paine Field makes catching a flight easier for more than one million people living in North Puget Sound. Many will enjoy shorter commutes to the airport: more time in the air and less time on the roads, which will ease traffic congestion.

From Everett, our guests can to fly to eight West Coast cities: Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Orange County, California; Phoenix; Portland, Oregon; San Diego; San Francisco; and San Jose, California. Some destinations have several departures a day, such as Los Angeles with 4 daily roundtrips.

Map out your new travel plans to and from Paine Field and purchase your Alaska Airlines tickets now!



  1. Is this plane a 737 Max 8 or 9 ?

    1. Neither, we don’t have any MAX aircraft in our fleet.

  2. Alaska should add flights to Kalispell from Paine Field!

  3. Do you plan to have flights to Bozeman? Do you offer pay parking for a few days for people taking short trips. Is there transportation from north Seattle to Paine field.

    1. We’re not flying from Paine Field to Bozeman at this time. The eight initial destinations are the most popular for our Seattle-area customers living the Everett area, based on our research.

      Propeller Airports has hired a vendor to handle parking services. More details, including how much it’ll cost and where to find the lots, can be found at flypainefield.com.

  4. Would love to see Ontario, CA added to flights out of Paine Field. Flights headed to Ontario from SeaTac are always full!

  5. Burbank? Possibly in the future? SeaTac a horror.

    1. I agree. It would be really nice to have one daily flight to and from Burbank that was non-stop. This is a journey we often take and it would be great to not have to deal with Seattle traffic when driving from Stanwood.

  6. I would like to add Bozeman MT and Rapid City SD

  7. When are you planing to add International flights?

    1. Hi Aida. Unfortunately, international destinations are outside the range of the Embraer 175 jet we’re flying at Paine Field. Even Hawaii is outside its range.

  8. Yes!!
    How about flights to Hawaii?

    1. Hi Karen. We know our guests love Hawaii, as do we. That said, the Embraer 175 jet will fly all routes at Paine Field, and Hawaii is outside its range. Alaska does offer plenty of options with seasonal nonstop 737 service from Bellingham – about an hour north of Everett – to Maui and the Big Island, in addition to dozens of flights every day between Sea-Tac and the islands. Happy travels!

  9. Awesome! Is there long term parking available?

    1. Yes, in Lot 4! A map and more information about parking at Paine Field can be found here: https://flypainefield.com/about/parking

  10. Hope you will add flights to Kalispell too!!!!

  11. PNW’ers like our Hawaii trips – OGG would be exciting.

    With another Amazon HQ in Baltimore/DC area, maybe BWI &/or DCA would be a good option to open up.

    (Full disclosure, I do not work or plan to work for Amazon…just an idea to help expand this exciting new airport)

  12. PNW’ers like our Hawaii trips – OGG would be exciting.
    With another Amazon HQ in Baltimore/DC area, maybe BWI &/or DCA would be a good option to open up.

  13. How about a direct flight to Tucson

  14. At SeaTac you can find parking for $7 and take a quick shuttle to the airport .
    How much is parking at Paine field?

    1. Hi Jim, on-site parking at Paine Field starts at $5 for a daily max of $20. More information can be found here: https://flypainefield.com/about/parking

  15. Flying out of Paine Field is so convenient, would be awesome to be able to go to PSP and back!

  16. Although I live in Gig Harbor, and would never have an opportunity to fly out of Paine Field (never say never, right), I’m pleased for all of the folks who can now get a “pass” on the ugly, and I mean ugly, traffic through the metropolitan corridor. Happy flying to all of you!

  17. When will you be flying to Sacramento and Reno?

    1. Right now, we’re capped at providing 18 departures a day. However, in the future we may consider adjusting our flying seasonally, such as offering different markets during different times of year. For example, if we fly to one destination four times a day, we might seek to reduce it to three and have that other flight go somewhere else.

  18. Palm Springs? Wouldn’t that be great? ?????

  19. The PAE terminal is so inviting and the crew appears genuinely pleased to have a new option for Seattle area travelers! I for one, couldn’t be happier, the Sea-Tac drive from Lake Stevens was a real bummer for my bestie…living in Vegas and the convenience of this airport just gve us so many more visits, we booked two more round trips (July and September) on this trip!!!!! Thanks for coming through for us, Alaska Airlines, we L<3VE this!!!!

  20. Is TSA Precheck available at the terminal?

    1. Yes, it is!

  21. Please add Spokane as a destination.

  22. There are a lot of people north of Seattle that would utilize a flight to Spokane.

    1. I too would like to go to Spokane JT

  23. Why not Spokane?

    1. We listened to our customers when selecting the eight initial destinations. There’s a greater preference by a majority of them to travel to those eight locations. That said, I’ll definitely pass along your feedback!

      1. Yes please to Spokane ! Pullman?

  24. So cool! I am on the first flight out of San Diego. Quite the little party at Gste 24. Very comfortable aircraft. This is going to be a winner for business people and service members alike to easily get from/to SAN and now PAE. Thanks for making this happen!

  25. Everett/Mukilteo to BOI (and back) would be fantastic. Make it happen please.

  26. I live in Salem Oregon and have business in the Everett area. The drive up I-5 is a killer when I get to Tacoma and have to navigate through Seattle to get to my customers in Everett, Lake Stevens and so on. This new route, PDX to PAE will save me hours, YES HOURS, of drive time. Thank you Alaska Airlines and the many companies and people that made this happen!

  27. How about flights into Ontario, California! It’s a popular area of So Cal so much expansion and a great airport that is so easy to get in and out of, much like Paine Field and can help with the congestion at LAX, wx delays and curfews at SAN and SNA and has full year round service unlike PSP. And the longest runway in So Cal unlike BUR.

  28. Everyone that I’ve spoken to in Skagit County is on board and sooooo happy about flights out of Paine Field

  29. Can’t wait to fly to PHX next Tuesday!

  30. Hoping you can expand and get over to Boise, Idaho and other small towns!!
    Staying away from the I-5 corridor going South is a game changer.

    1. I would recommend Boise as a destination from Paine Field. It is a progressive growing city and Micron, a prominent international computer chip company, has its headquarters there.
      Joseph W. Rutte

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