Alaska unveils 13 daily departures to 8 destinations from Paine Field

UPDATE 1/22/19: We’re postponing our scheduled start of service from Paine Field until March 4, 2019. Our latest post has all the details.

UPDATE 10/17/18: Alaska Airlines service out of Paine Field is expected to begin in early 2019. We’ll be sure to provide an update as soon as we have more information to share.

ORIGINAL POST 1/16/18: When Alaska Airlines first announced in May that it would offer new commercial service from Paine Field-Snohomish County Airport, there was one big question: Where will those flights go?

It’s time to reveal the routes.

Alaska will connect Paine Field to eight destinations along the West Coast with 13 daily nonstop departures starting in fall 2018, subject to government approval.

The all-jet service from Paine Field will fly to Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Orange County, California; Phoenix; Portland; San Diego; San Francisco; and San Jose, California. The number of flights for each destination along with departure and arrival times will be announced later in 2018, subject to government approval.

With Alaska’s new service from Paine Field, those looking to catch a flight north of Seattle and all around the North Sound (home to more than 1 million people) will have a new travel option closer to home. That’ll mean less driving to go farther south, saving time and fuel.

“Alaska aims to be the airline the West Coast loves to fly,” said John Kirby, Alaska’s vice president of capacity planning. “We’ve put together some great places to go to from Paine Field that we believe will make a lot of people very happy. It’ll be much easier for our guests in the North Sound to catch a flight business or pleasure, whether it’s for a fun weekend in Las Vegas, a work trip to L.A. or visiting family in the Bay Area.”

The Most West Coast

The air traffic control tower at Paine Field.

Alaska has the most West Coast nonstop destinations of any airline with flights to major business and technology hubs, and incredible vacation spots. And with 15 airline partners, Alaska can take its guests to more than 900 destinations around the world, especially with convenient connections through San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“Commercial air service at Paine Field will open up countless new opportunities for both business and recreational travelers in and around Snohomish County. Connecting our county to the rest of the world will be a huge asset as we work to strengthen and diversify our local economy,” said Patrick Pierce, president and CEO of Economic Alliance Snohomish County.

Alaska is creating an airline people love with low fares, great value, consistent reliability, award-winning service and a terrific loyalty program. Alaska’s all-jet flying from Paine Field will offer three classes of service: First Class, Premium Class and Main Cabin. Guests will enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity, free movies and TV shows, and free texting.

Propeller Airports and Snohomish County are currently building the new, state-of-the-art terminal at Paine Field. It’s set to open in fall 2018.

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  1. Hoping for a Paine Field — Sun Valley connection, or to Boise. We go to SV 4-5 times a year, as do many North Enders.

  2. Dear People,
    Chill. I mean, seriously chill. Let’s see how the early phase of commercial service is handled and what ‘hiccups’ occur. I believe the initial cities slated for service are well-deserved and reflect excellent market research. I am happy Snohomish County has this newfound asset to improve the quality of life for the travelling public. Be patient and wear a smile!

  3. I had hoped that Pullman would be on the list. Especially because of WSU at Everett! Please consider Pullman as a route.

  4. Please put Spokane on that, we would love to see that for so many reasons! Good job Alaska! No wonder you are #1 in traveler’s hearts!

  5. I believe “Snow Birds” that live in the North End ( Yesler/Seattle_Main St Bellevue North) that make frequent trips would absolutely patronize PAE. We travel to Palm Springs (PSP) at least twice a month for 8 months of the year. Our neighbors in our PSP gated community ( at least other 8 couples) also live in the North End, and have agreed (during poolside chat) that they would use PAE also. In fact, personally, the reduction of traffic, time, and the cost of parking at SEA would increase the number of trips I make south. I am a MVP Gold 75K traveller so I feel I have seen enough of the inside of SeaTac. I’m ready for new digs!! Please consider PSP in future destinations.

  6. RDM and Spokane trally would serve the NW well!!

  7. Everett to Spokane ASAP please. Also Everett to Santa Barbara and Everett to Palm Springs!

  8. I live on Whidbey Island and fly Alaska all the ime. I am so excited not to have to travel to Sea Tac. Also excited that getting home quicker. You guys ROCK!

  9. In your next announcement, please provide some details about access to Paine Field terminal for those using public transport to get to and from the Field. Will there be a transit or bus connection from North Seattle; from Edmonds (ferry terminal)?
    You mention “one million people in the North Sound.” A portion of that million lives also in the West Sound, and will access Paine Field via Washington State Ferry crossing points.

  10. Please add Burbank. It is such a hassle to travel from Seattle to Everett, Without Burbank I have to travel to LAX from Ventura County to get a flight to Paine Field.

  11. This is great but would be offset negatively for many without TSA Pre at Paine Field also or if the TSA Pre line were a significant line at Paine Field due to a poor mix of low staffing and high demand…

  12. Yay! This is one San Jose resident who will be making regular use of this travel option!

  13. Would be nice for a fight to Reno. The fights out of Seatac are all ways full. I go there Quit Often for Business.

  14. Maybe with could get some of the Virgin cross-country or international flights out of Everett as well

  15. Please add Austin, TX.

  16. Would love to see a non stop flight between Paine Field and Tucson with a return flight, even if it’s offered weekly.

  17. Fly phx to Seattle 7 to 8 Times in the summer- mak s it easier to get to Whidbey- thanks Alaska!!

  18. I also would love a Spokane to Everett option for my college student!

  19. With all the congestion on Portland freeways, It would be nice to have service in and out of Salem, OR. If we have an early flight , we have to stay at an airport hotel the night before! Commercial air service here has failed in the past, but I think the economy and need would work this time.

  20. I would love to see Sacramento included in your itinerary soon…

    1. San Jose is pretty close !

  21. I commute from Spokane to Everett every week for work and have been waiting for PAE to open for commercial flights to/from GEG. Spokane was originally included in the flights listed by Alaska-Horizon. What happened?

    1. Hi Jennifer – I too hope they add regular flights to/from Spokane as my favorite sister just moved to CdA and we would both appreciate the added convenience of avoiding SeaTac.

  22. Excited to have another airport in Seattle metropolitan area. That would help to get lower fares.

  23. I am so excited!!! I will get to see my grandchildren in San Diego more often! The awful trip to SeaTac and the mass confusion down there is something I will not miss and I don’t care if it costs more!! Thank you Alaska!

  24. Would love to see a connection between Paine Field and Spokane…!

  25. Would love to see a direct flight from Paine Field to Tucson and return.

    1. Judy, I whole hardheartedly agree with you. But, if they won’t, at least we can switch planes in either San Diego or Las Angles.

  26. All sound nice…… Palm Springs and Hawaii would be cool.

  27. Please consider adding Orange County, CA to/from BLI service. Paine Field will be much better than dealing with Seatac and traffic north.

  28. I’d love to see Anchorage, Alaska added as a destination to and from! Many AK family and friends traveling back and forth – pain in the neck to drive to SeaTac to pick them up and take them back! All of Whidbey Island would thank you!

    1. I agree! Lots of us have family in AK and we/they fly back and forth often. Not to mention how many fisherman live here but work there.

  29. I am very happy to see the new flights from Everett. Please, please, please put Palm Springs on the list of destinations you will fly to from Paine Field!! We’d use that at least once a month…

  30. Please consider an eastbound flight to Chicago O’Hare — convenient for Boeing personnel travel to HQ. Also, could link to AA hub there and hundreds of destinations. Compete with United’s Denver hub.

  31. How about just getting to Seatac from Paine Field?!? That’s about the hardest part of getting out of here!

  32. Yes- add more BLI routes please.

  33. Thank you for the added service. I also wish you would consider more options out of Santa Barbara and out of Spokane.

  34. Add Sacramento please!

  35. We’re moving to Skagit County soon. Everett service will be a great help and convenience!

  36. Sounds attractive but what is available for secure long term parking or shuttle service (e.g. Bellair bus or Kenmore Air)?

  37. How about your Canadian cousins? Improved jet flights from Edmonton to Paine field and Seattle and Spokane now that you have Vigin?

  38. Another vote to bring back more routes from BLI! But at least this is closer than SEA, so I’ll be happy to look further into this route if the prices are right!

  39. Please – To/from Oakland! San Francisco is close – but not close enough from East Bay. Traffic is
    a nightmare crossing Bay Bridge. Not worth it. I fly almost once a month OAK to SEA – but then have to drive 75 miles north on I-5. Paine Field would cut my drive time in half! Please, please, please ……

  40. I am quite excited about this! I’ve been using Virgin America for the past several years and usually fly first class, the past few times I flew 1st class, I’ve noticed a difference, the seats wouldn’t recline! Totally shocked! Unexceptable!
    I hope that it won’t cost more for flying out of Paine Field?
    I fly down to San Francisco 5 times a year!

  41. I would love to see direct flights from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas.

  42. Would love to see a cheap round-trip flight once or twice daily from Paine Field to Spokane. Would be a huge time saver and encourage more cross-tourism between the north Puget Sound and Spokane-Coeur d’ Alene regions.

  43. I live on Whisper Island, near Paine Field, and travel to Burbank, CA, near Los Angeles, 2-4 times a year. Wonderful news that I can avoid the time & expense of going to SEATAC.

    I used to fly Alaska Air, but now I fly Southwest Air because of free 2 checked bags, and ease of free cancellation & schedule changes.

    Southwest to and from Los Angeles is always with one stop over, Alaska goes direct, so there is that difference.

    Good move, Alaska!

    1. I did not see Burbank from Paine Field, did I miss something?

      1. Burbank is NOT on the list.

  44. hope starts to have service to this new location

  45. That is excellent. Please consider enhancing service from BLI.

  46. Been waiting a long time for a terminal at Paine Field. GREAT!

  47. This is such a great idea – I’m so going to love flying to/from PAE, or even connecting to some of the other destinations from PDX via PAE.

  48. When will you offer direct flights from Spokane to Everett? All of my coastal family lives north of Seattle and it would be marvelous not to have to drive to and from SeaTac.

    1. I was really hoping Spokane would be added too!

    2. Me too! I really need an Everett to Spokane flight!

      1. We need daily flights from Everett to Spokane please!

    3. Definitely would utilize a flight from Spokane to Seattle regularly!

    4. The day has finally come when us folks in the north end don’t have to fight that miserable traffic to SeaTac. I always found it incredible that there is only one option for us in the puget sound to fly out of.
      It’s a good strart the destinations you chose and I understand you looked at your regulars like me in the north end to see where we fly the most. Smart! The question I have is I believe your going to be extremely successful filling flights but will propeller be adding more gates to the terminal in the future? Go east will be the next call I am sure. Just look at how booked the flights are to NY. Oh and Hawaii would be nice for us who suffer the dreaded convergence zone. Thanks again it been a hard fought battle

    5. Yes! Need Seattle to Spokane Service from Paine Field. Much safer and faster than the passes in the winter.

    6. Yes, we need flights to Spokane!

    7. I agree a Spokane flight going and coming would be great. Please add as soon as possible.

  49. Will Tucson be included to paine field?

    1. We need a flt to Tucson, out of Bellingham would work.

  50. will be interesting to see the schedule. with paine being slot restricted and full already (with only two gates) some of these flights will be forced to leave at less popular times. also with only north-south routes you’ve already waved the white flag to any east coast destinations. if you want to go east you’re stuck taking united’s flight to denver.

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