A reason to ‘like’ Facebook

Though some heroes come brandishing a sword or a super power, one Alaska Airlines customer comes equipped with miles and the power of social media.

When Cecily Craighill missed her flight from Atlanta to Eugene, Oregon, on a different airline, James “JJ” Durant, an Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K, came to her rescue on Facebook.

Craighill, director of alumni relations at Emory University Law School in Atlanta, was traveling to Eugene for a friend’s wedding. Due to a series of personal delays, she missed her flight by two minutes. Upset and not sure what to do, Craighill posted the following status on her Facebook account:



Little did Craighill know, a high school friend was about to rescue her. Durant, a federal account manager in medical sales, was onboard an Alaska Airlines flight between Seattle and Las Vegas when he saw Craighill’s post.

“I could tell she wasn’t getting much help from her chosen airline and I thought to myself, ‘if anyone can get her from Atlanta to Medford last minute, it will be Alaska,’” said Durant. “I had no doubt in my mind that Alaska would come through.”

Durant has been an MVP Gold 75K for the past three years and flies weekly on Alaska.

Durant responded to Craighill’s post:


Craighill spoke with three customer service agents at the Alaska Airlines Call Center who were able to give Durant’s miles to Craighill so she could make her trip.

“I cannot say enough great things about the Alaska employees who helped me,” Craighill said. “All three were friendly, considerate, capable and helpful. I kept thinking to myself after the conversation, ‘this is the kind of customer service I want to have.’”


“I wanted to immediately help Cecily out because she’s a friend and I wanted to show her how good of an airline Alaska is,” Durant said. “Alaska, thanks for stepping up to the plate like you always do. Thanks for being the best. I’m an Alaska customer for life.”

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  1. I love reading stories like this! Makes me so proud to have retired from this great airline and want everyone to know how proud I am and to support this great airline with a HEART!

  2. As a retired Alaska Airlines employee, it’s stories like this that make me proud. Thank you JJ Durant for your kindness and generosity.

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