Couch Getaways: New York City

We ❤️ NYC—from the tantalizing skyline to cobblestone streets in Brooklyn and walks in the park. Explore a virtual tour of the city below!

Central Park

Take a virtual walk in the park

The Lot Radio: Live stream radio 24/7

Watch & listen to live performances

NYC Street Mural Art Tour

Check out NYC’s best street art

Sauce Restaurant Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe

Mamma Maura’s recipe ⁣

 Dumbo’s cobblestone streets

Explore Brooklyn

New York Philharmonic

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Met Opera Live

Enjoy the show every night

Couch getaways: Virtually tour U.S. National Parks

It’s National Parks Week! Even when you’re parked at home, you can still get your dose of wide open spaces. Adventure through the Olympic trails, go on an underwater exploration of the Dry Tortugas or take in the view at Yellowstone’s hot springs.
Don’t trail behind––check out our virtual guide to the national parks below!


See the hot springs


Get lost in the trees


Take yourself to new heights

Bryce Canyon

Soar above hoodoos & desert vistas

Kenai Fjords

Bundle up for a guided glacier tour

Dry Tortugas:

Swim past reefs & shipwrecks

Hawaii Volcanoes:

Tour the lava fields

Couch getaways: Take a digital tour of San Diego

When travel isn’t an option, there’s #CouchGetaways. Join us every week for a virtual tour of our favorite Alaska destinations. This week, iconic SoCal city, San Diego.
Scroll for your couch getaway.

San Diego Zoo Live Penguin Cam

Play with the penguins


Block out some time for this virtual tour

Hotel Coronado 360 Tour

Take a walk on the famous grounds

La Jolla Beach Cam

Watch the sunset on the beach

Taco Recipe

Whip up some San Diego-style tacos

Birch Aquarium Live Kelp Cam

Virtually swim under the sea

Year in Review: Clean planes, remarkable service from our top-notch crew, here’s a poem bidding 2020 adieu

Though 2020 was far from what we expected,
Alaska did whatever we could to help keep people connected.

From putting on our dancing shoes and masking all of our crews.
We want to share our top moments with all of you.

We continue to stand up for what’s right.

ICYMI: In Palm Springs, we made an airplane shine bright.

We rocked new custom uniforms and holiday sweaters.

We announced more oneworld perks for our loyal jetsetters.

We learned how to pivot during a pandemic.

Protip: get your hands on our free sanitizing wipes—they’re organic.

Remember that special flight for a boy and his Dad?

Or the time our CSA gave her car keys to a stranger? That also made us glad!

We donated iPads and hockey sticks to youth.

And, don’t forget, we also flew the first Copper Salmon,

(we hear it pairs well with honey & vermouth).

You might also recall a familiar face above Seattle’s skyline.

And studies that showed it’s safe to fly was an excellent sign!

From zero to 30,000 feet, there’s HEPA- filtered, fresh air.

Our goal is to keep you safe with our Next-Level Care.

Make sure you wear a mask, unless you’re grabbing a bite.

And sit back, relax on your next Alaska flight.

Did you catch the news? Or the word on the street?

This year, we also announced plans to expand our MAX fleet.

We flew medical workers and the first of many COVID-19 vaccines.

If you liked Alaska’s “Safety Dance”music video, don’t forget to check out the behind-the-scenes.

This year, our planes may not have seen as many of you,

but they saw lots of essential goods and PPE too.

We also offered sweet deals like Russell’s touchdown discounts and Buy-One-Get-One-Free.

We shared tips for travel and what to do in Hawaii.

Alaska even planted trees and donated a million meals,

seeing all the good that can happen gives us all the feels.

For those of you who stayed at home, our Zoom backgrounds and couch getaways helped you explore.

We offered tips for long weekends, seeing the Northern lights and places for golfers to shout “FORE!”

We celebrated a year at Everett’s Paine Field.

And our partnership with the NHL in Seattle was revealed.

Before we bid 2020 adieu,

Please know that this is our commitment to you!

We’re here to make travel accessible and safe for everyone.

And we cannot wait for you to fly with us in 2021.

Most photos by Ingrid Barrentine.

A year without travel: How one traveler plans to *safely* put 2021 on the map

When I landed an internship with Alaska Airlines straight out of college and later a full-time job in communications, I felt like I won the lottery. Alaska opened up the world to me, just like it does for so many of its guests every day.

If you also love to travel, you can probably relate to how I felt in 2020 (completely, and utterly, aghast).

Though I traveled in high school and college some, it wasn’t until I worked for an airline that I realized just how much I loved it! Travel is both my greatest passion and my favorite hobby. Before the pandemic, I was traveling at least two to three weekends per month, almost always for fun.

Last year, I flew roughly 20,000 miles—about a third of what I would normally fly in a year.

From January through the beginning of March, I traveled mostly domestically until COVID-19 became a public health issue in the United States. Here’s where I visited:

A solo trip to Montreal, Quebec, Feb. 16, 2020

A weekend in Maui, Feb. 21, 2020

A sister’s trip to San Diego, Feb. 2, 2020

A weekend in Anchorage, Alaska, Feb. 28, 2020

A friend’s birthday in Loreto, Mexico, March 13, 2020

Before the world was turned on its head due to COVID, I had plans to go to Ecuador in June, a trip to Chile in the fall and my best friend and I were even planning a trip to Bali to celebrate my 30th birthday in September. Alas, I had to change my plans and go with the flow like everyone else.

Please take your seat … on the couch

The word “homebody” is not something I would ever use to describe myself. However, 2020 had a way of forcing us all to embrace staying home. Unfortunately, for me, I was unable to spend that time with my friends or family due to distance, which made things even worse. There were times where I felt like I lost my identity entirely.

My favorite things to do, besides being with my friends and family, is taking a quick trip to grab tacos in San Diego or jet off to Juneau, Alaska to explore the town.

While I was grateful to be healthy and safe in 2020, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss traveling.

Last summer, instead of traveling, I took long walks around neighborhoods in North Seattle, meticulously planning out what household chores I would do next and reminisce about old trips. I missed traveling so much, I even became one of those people who started referring to different rooms in the house by three-letter airport codes (living room = LIV, bedroom =BDR, etc.).

Don’t get me wrong–I was grateful for my summer exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I went on a lot of hikes, which were wonderful, but I still missed wandering the world.

Mt Fremont Lookout Trail, Mt. Rainier National Park

“I would have jumped on a plane to go just about anywhere.”

At the end of August, I volunteered to take a work trip to Spokane, Washington. When I boarded Horizon Air, Alaska’s regional airline, it felt like I was on my way to Tahiti! I was so excited to walk through the doors of Sea-Tac Airport, only this time, I had a mask covering my nose and mouth, and my travel accessories included a package of Lysol wipes and two bottles of hand sanitizer. But at this point, I would have jumped on a plane to go just about anywhere.

“Before yesterday, I hadn’t been on a plane in nearly six months. To say I’ve missed flying and traveling would be an understatement! It was so nice to be back in the air again yes! 😍 I’ve always been happiest when I’m on the go. Up next: Boise, Idaho! (Also, our planes are cleaner than ever!)” @mcginndo via instagram

Another flight was in store for me in 2020 (praise the travel gods). In September, my sister and I flew Alaska Airlines to Charleston, South Carolina to celebrate my 30th birthday. Though it wasn’t Bali, it felt amazing to fly again!

By June, Alaska’s safety program (Next-Level Care) had been well underway, which implemented over 100 different ways to maintain the highest standard of safety throughout your journey—from mask requirements, enhanced cleaning, hospital-grade HEPA filters onboard and more—we felt super safe and cared for from start to finish and I’m not just saying that!

So, what does travel look like in 2021?

If only I had a crystal ball that could tell me when life will get back to a sense of normal. For now, this globe trotter is only traveling to domestic destinations. I’m looking for places where I can spend a majority of my time outside and away from other people. Thankfully, there are a lot of national parks and outdoor getaways that Alaska serves, so there are plenty of options.

This is just one travel bug’s take on 2020 and travel right now, but I’m optimistic about becoming ungrounded in 2021.

Some final thoughts & travel tips:

In January, I had the opportunity to visit Maui, Hawaii with my sister for her birthday.

We did our research. When we were initially deciding where we wanted to go, we chose Maui because we wanted a warm location where we could spend the majority of our time outside.

We planned ahead. The state of Hawaii requires proof of a negative COVID-19 test from a trusted testing partner taken within 72 hours of departure. Alaska Airlines makes it very easy. I used Carbon Health and my sister got her test done through Costco. Alaska also pre-clears travelers to the Hawaiian Islands as part of the Hawaii Pre-Clear program, which meant we didn’t have to wait in line when we arrived and got to vacation sooner. You can learn more about the program at

(Also, for a nearly touch-free travel experience, be sure to download Alaska’s mobile app.)

We masked up. I’ve recently started double masking when walking through airports and onboard flights as an extra safety precaution. I’m extremely comforted though knowing that the HEPA filters on Alaska Airlines are circulating air through the cabin every two to three minutes, so there’s always fresh air. (Alaska also does a phenomenal job of cleaning their aircraft. Check it out!)

In Hawaii, I also brought my mask with me everywhere I went, even to the beach, and put it on anytime I passed someone outside.

We had a wonderful time! No, not everything in Maui was open. But we did get in a couple of hikes (Waihe’e Ridge Trail was stunning as were the Lava Fields), spent a ton of time at the beach and I also ate my fair share of fish tacos! (Check out Paia’s Fish market in Kihei! They have some of the best.) Most restaurants are open for take-out or at a limited capacity. Just double check or call ahead before you go.

If you choose to travel, just make sure you take the necessary safety precautions and research the destination you’re headed to beforehand. And if you’re not ready, that’s okay too.

Alaska will be here when you are! Book your next adventure today at