When you fly with Alaska Airlines, we guarantee your family sits together. And we don’t charge you for it.

We know you’re focused on a lot of different things when traveling with your kids. (Did you pack enough snacks? Did you confirm a favorite toy made the trip?) One important issue you won’t have to worry about when flying with us:  We guarantee young children will be seated with their families

Guaranteeing at least one adult travels with any child who’s 13 or younger is part of Alaska’s long-standing, family-friendly policies. We’ve always cared for families on our flights. And it’s something we’ve never charged for.

As a dad of eight, I understand the challenges that come with taking a family vacation,” said Andrew Harrison, our chief commercial officer. “Traveling with kids is stressful enough – you shouldn’t have to worry about being separated from them on your flight. All of us at Alaska take pride in caring for your family, which is why we guarantee that children under 13 are always seated with you. It’s the way we’ve operated for years because it’s just the right thing to do.” 

We guarantee that children 13 and under will be seated next to at least one accompanying adult at no additional cost, including for Saver fares, assuming the following conditions are met:

  • The child and accompanying adult are booked on the same reservation
  • The accompanying adult chooses seats for the entire reservation or skips seats for the entire reservation, and does not make changes to seat assignments once they’ve been assigned
  • Adjacent seats are available in the same class of service your child is ticketed in at the time you book your flight
  • The plane’s seat layout allows adjacent seating based on the number of children in your reservation
  • Your original plane hasn’t been switched to a smaller aircraft

There are plenty of discussions happening right now in the industry and beyond about how airlines can improve the travel experience for families. At Alaska, we’re proud to be ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping families together when they’re flying with us.

By the way, we offer special amenities for our youngest fliers: For inflight entertainment, we have our dedicated Kids Zone with featured new releases including a new partnership with Rebel Girls; designed for younger tastes, our Kids Picnic Pack is available for purchase on our flights longer than 775 miles; our special Junior Jetsetters program allows children 5-17 years old to travel unaccompanied; and our pilots and flight attendants always have wings at the ready to hand out to help trigger a smile.

See you on board soon. And bring the kids!