Flying with Luly: Luly’s travel must-haves

Over the next two years, internationally known Seattle fashion designer Luly Yang will redesign uniforms for more than 12,000 Alaska Airlines employees. Along the way, Yang will share her favorite fashion-related travel tips.

I love to travel, and do so often – both for work and for pleasure. I frequently fly to Europe and Asia and over the years, and I’ve honed my travel and packing skills to make those long international flights as comfortable as possible. As I like to pack light, items that are multi-functional are always my favorites.

Whether traveling from Seattle to New York City or Seattle to Hong Kong, here are my travel must-haves:

A cozy shawl

I never travel without my Luly luxe shawl – a super cozy cashmere shawl with Swarovski crystal detailing. I have it in multiple colors and I take it everywhere. It keeps me warm when I am outside; on flight- it’s a pillow when I want to sleep and it’s my blanket when I’m cold. You can use it as a neck roll, a lumbar support or as cushion to prop your arm up while reading. Any long and wide scarf or shawl will work for this purpose, but it’s a bonus to select one that can also work in dressing up for a dinner party.

Passport wallet

I keep everything in my passport wallet, which is disguised as a stylish clutch for a night out. It’s roomy enough to hold my cell phone, keys, credit cards, boarding passes, compartments for different currencies, and of course, my passport! That’s the most important. Without that, I can’t go anywhere.


I cannot travel without my sunglasses. I’ll put them on when I’m tired after a long flight or on short flights if I just want a quick nap to filter the day light when my neighbor’s windows are open.

Essentials toiletry bag

I always travel with a petite clear toiletry bag full of comfort essentials: Evian facial mist, eye shade and ear plugs, toothbrush and floss, refreshing citrus scented lotion, lip balm, caffeinated under eye serum, Tide to Go stick, Shout stain removers and disinfectant hand wipes.

Flip flops

I like to bring flip flops for the plane if it’s a long flight and I want to take my shoes off for comfort. I never want to be barefoot on a plane and they double as slippers in my hotel room, poolside or the beach.


  1. Where do you get caffeinated under eye serum?

  2. Thank you for the great tips and I can’t wait to see the new uniforms!

  3. Great ideas! FYI – the Disinfectant wipes will also remove stains.

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