Sip sip hooray! Alaska Airlines will fly your case of wine for free

We’re giving guests something to wine about 🍷

Alaska Airlines offers the most nonstop flights to the West Coast, making it easier to plan a trip to your favorite wine locale. Alaska Mileage Plan members aged 21 and over can also bring home a case of wine—12 bottles—with no baggage fee, thanks to our *Wine Flies Free offer. Not a Mileage Plan member? Join for free.

Here’s how it works:

1. Book a trip to wine country

Browse flights & raise a glass from our 30+ airports in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California. 

2. Sip and shop at your favorite winery destinations.

Taste your way around a wine region in California, Washington, Oregon or Idaho until you’ve found your wine (or several) you enjoy enough to take home.  Pro tip: Many wineries in Washington, Oregon and Idaho offer free tastings when you show a recent boarding pass.

3. Pack correctly – don’t seal the box yet.

Let the winery know you’ll be checking your wine at the airport, and they’ll help you pack it safely for travel. This might include a foam-lined box, molded cardboard trays, or other protective packaging. Make sure the box is left unsealed for inspection. 

Carrying a case of wine through the airport can be daunting, so we’ve partnered with The Wine Check to offer a lightweight, safe, and convenient method to take your wine investment from vineyard to cellar.  Save 20% off Wine Flies Free branded totes by using promo code ALASKAWFF at checkout. 

4. Make sure your MP number is in your flight reservation.

Make sure your Alaska Mileage Plan number is in your flight reservation before you head to the airport. You can check using the Alaska Airlines app, or by visiting and selecting “Manage trip.”

5. Drop your wine with a remarkable agent.

Check your properly packed case of wine with an Alaska Airlines customer service agent at our ticketing counter. They will inspect the case, seal it and ensure that it is labeled with FRAGILE stickers.

6. Fly easy.

Pat yourself on the back – celebrate on board by treating yourself to a full-pour glass of Broken Earth’s El Paso Red Blend or a chardonnay from Canoe Ridge Vineyards. Pro tip: Pair it with our Mediterranean Tapas Picnic Pack.

Or if you’re flying First Class, sip a sauvignon blanc or cabernet sauvignon from Intrinsic from Columbia Valley, Washington.

7. Pick up your case, then enjoy!

When you land, pick up your case and you’re on your way. Don’t see your wine with the rest of the bags? Check the oversize baggage area, as many airports don’t send fragile items to the conveyer belt.

Time to book your next wine-venture! Visit

*The Wine Flies Free program applies to U.S. flights only, operated by Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, and SkyWest departing from WA, OR, CA, or ID. Mileage Plan member must be age 21 or older to transport wine. Mileage Plan number must be in the reservation at the time of booking. Wine must include professional packaging including shipper box and insert. Items packaged in a cardboard box are covered in case of loss, but are checked at your own risk for damage. Wine Check purchase not required for participation in the Wine Flies Free program. Guests are responsible for compliance with all governmental regulations and restrictions when traveling with alcohol.


  1. It would be really great if Alaska would add a Savingon Blanc to their first class wine list. It’s ALWAYS a chardonnay. Let’s change it up a bit!!

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Lynne! I will pass it along to our Food & Beverage team 🙂 -Ali

  2. Thank you! Bellingham is excited to be included on this list of airports where wine flies free. We will promote this with our advertising for the Bellingham Northwest Wine Festival in August. Since Bellingham is gaining an international reputation for craft beer, can a case of beer in glass bottles also fly free?

    1. Hi Annette! We are excited that our guests flying from Bellingham can take part! 🙂 However, only wine flies for free through the program, for now. Beer, even great craft beer, falls under normal baggage rules and fees. You can find our alcohol policies here. -Ali

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