Gifts you can travel with, and gifts better left at home

Before you head to the airport this holiday season, make sure the gifts you’re packing will make it to your destination with you.

5 gifts better left at home

Hoverboards. Battery rankings on these self-balancing devices are unreliable and they’ve been prone to fires – that’s why they’re banned from Alaska Airlines flights. Learn more: Hoverboards cannot fly.

Drones. These fun, self-piloting aircraft have been all the rage over the past few years, but they pose a real concern for airlines when flown too close to an airport. If you’ve got a drone on your wish list this year, make sure you’re complying with all local and federal laws, and stay far away from your nearest airport.

Laser pointers. While these simple devices are allowed in carry-on or checked luggage, we ask you to keep them far away from airport flight paths. Laser strikes can distract and even temporarily blind pilots, and have the potential to cause serious eye damage. Deliberately shining a laser at an aircraft could earn you anywhere from a hefty fine to prison time.

Anything on the dangerous goods list. As with every time you fly, leave the fireworks, drain cleaners and used camp stoves at home. Other particularly applicable items are spare batteries or power banks for your electronics, which can only go in your carry-on bag, and potent alcohol over 140 proof like Everclear or Bacardi 151. View the full list of prohibited items at

Pre-wrapped presents of any kind. Save your wrapping until you’ve reached your final destination, or your gifts may not clear security when you do.

5 gifts you can travel with

Cookies, cakes and pies. Baked goods are fair game – though it might be tricky to get them to your final destination in their original shapes.

Fresh seafood. Live and fresh fish and seafood packed in leak-proof containers (Styrofoam not accepted) are acceptable as checked baggage. Be a hero and impress your relatives by bringing the Pacific Northwest catch of the day to your holiday dinner. Visit for additional packing tips.

Alaska Airlines gift certificates. Give the gift of travel this holiday season. Learn more at #holidayhero

Wine and other Pacific Northwest-themed treats. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members can check a case of wine free from wine regions in Oregon, Eastern Washington and Sonoma County, and enjoy free or discounted tastings at wineries throughout our many wine destinations when you show your inbound boarding pass. Check out our foodie gift guide for more inspiration, including Beecher’s Cheese, Seattle Chocolates and other Northwest favorites.

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