2014 FAQ: How do I fly out of Los Cabos?

How do I get on an Alaska Airlines flight out of Los Cabos? Do I need to be an Alaska customer? Are these flights free?

Los Cabos International Airport remains closed to commercial air service, but has opened a runway for outbound humanitarian flights. Because the Alaska Airlines flights are operating under special conditions, local authorities on the ground in Los Cabos are determining who gets on these flights, regardless of reservation status. Authorities are boarding people onto planes on a first-come, first-served basis. We are accepting customers from Alaska Airlines and other airlines. Our humanitarian mission is to help people get out of Los Cabos.

The Department of State said U.S. citizens affected by Hurricane Odile should proceed to the Los Cabos airport as soon as possible, if able to do so. Travel during daylight hours is recommended.

U.S. State Department statement: Emergency Message: Hurricane Odile

Will Alaska add any relief flights on top of the scheduled flights out of Los Cabos? Should I get on a military evacuation flight to another city?

UPDATE 9:55 a.m. Friday, Sept. 19Alaska Airlines will send a 737 rescue flight to take customers out of Loreto on Friday, Sept. 19, on top of today’s previously scheduled flight out of Loreto operated by Horizon Air. The special rescue flight, Alaska Airlines Flight 9661, is scheduled to land in Loreto about 2 p.m. local time and will depart about 3 p.m. It is expected to arrive about 4 p.m. in Los Angeles. Check the current flight status at: www.alaskaair.com/flightstatus

Alaska Airlines plans to continue humanitarian rescue flights today out of Los Cabos.

In cities that Alaska Airlines regularly serves, we will do everything we can to accommodate customers on one of our scheduled flights. We are closely watching the situation and will do our best to get our customers home if there is a need.

When can I fly in to Los Cabos? What if I live in Los Cabos and need to get there from the U.S. – can I fly home?

Because Alaska Airlines is flying into Los Cabos under special operating conditions, we are only allowed to carry customers on outbound flights. As soon as authorities open the Los Cabos airport for normal scheduled operations, we’ll be able to take people into Los Cabos. Alaska Airlines flies to other cities in Mexico, such as Mazatlan. You might check our flexible travel policy for alternative ways of getting back to Los Cabos:  Travel Advisories and flexible travel policies.

Alaska Airlines is monitoring the situation in Los Cabos and the airport’s efforts to re-open. New information will be shared here and at alaskaair.com as it becomes available.

How can I see if a family member was on a relief flight?

We understand that phone and internet service was severely damaged in Los Cabos, but your best option is to attempt to connect directly with family members either before or after their flight.

How can I help in the efforts?

Donate to Charity Miles:  To donate your Mileage Plan Miles to Hurricane Odile and Los Cabos relief efforts, please select the Alaska Airlines Charity Miles Pool for your donation. Contributions will be used to support charities involved with Hurricane Odile relief efforts and for transportation of medical staff and volunteers. Learn more. We are not accepting other donations at this time.