5 tips for people who have never flown to Hawaii

Since our first flight to Hawaii 10 years ago today, Alaska Airlines has learned a thing a two about flying across the Pacific Ocean.

1. You’re not flying “from the U.S.”

Hawaii is part of the U.S., too! Instead, try “continental U.S.” or “the continent.” (Some people in Hawaii also avoid the term “mainland,” as it implies Hawaii isn’t “main.”)

2. Not everybody who lives in Hawaii is “Hawaiian.”

Only Native Hawaiians are Hawaiians. State residents are “local people” (or Hawaii residents, or kamaaina, etc.).

3. Bring your gear.

Alaska reduced our fee to only $30 for oversized sporting equipment, so that means you can easily bring your surfboard, golf clubs, bike or scuba gear. This deal also applies to hockey sticks, but you probably won’t need them.

4. Respect.

Respect the Islands, the locals, the culture, the volcanoes and the ocean. This is not an amusement park – you can get into trouble if you’re not aware of your surroundings.

5. You can bring home a box of pineapples.

For FREE on Alaska Airlines. But leave the lava rocks where you found them. Trust us on this one.

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  1. Flying to Maui 1/31 to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary!! Yes, I’m asking for any kind of special treatment on the flight (#824) to start our celebration! ???? It takes a lot to put up with someone else for 30 years!!

  2. You are including an expired link ( aloha sweepstakes). ???? Alaska air is classier than that.

    1. Sorry, Karen. This article is from October 2017 and the sweepstakes has ended. We have removed it from the article to avoid confusion.

  3. We are going 3/9 using a companion fare. We get a checked bag free with the Alaska Airlines card but I am glad to know I can bring my golf clubs for $25 each.

    1. Hi Gloria, my apologies for the confusion but this article is from October 2017 and has some outdated information. Sports equipment is now $30.

  4. The links to the contest in #7 are nit working…

    1. Hi Nanci. I’m sorry for creating confusion, but this article is from October 2017 and the contest is now over.

  5. I love your remakes on #5!
    As a prior resident of the islands and now living in Alaska, it has always been hard to tell folks about the true legends of Hawaii!
    Nicely put!

  6. Thanks for these tips, I loved Tip 2 which goes with being respectful (tip 4). These little things pre-trip can open up our world a little more. 🙂


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