Meet Team Joel McHale

Our teams have been pumping iron and working hard to face off on July 28 in the Alaska Airlines Plane Pull for Strong Against Cancer. The teams are led by Alaska CFO Russell Wilson and actor and comedian Joel McHale, and are made up of Alaska Airlines maintenance and engineering employees and local winners of a Facebook contest.

Team Joel

Alaska Airlines Participants:

Teammate Position  About Me …
Christopher Fricke-Yang Stores agent A fun fact about me is … “I went to the same high school as celebrity team captain Joel McHale.”
Patrick Quaratiello Maintenance controller When I’m not pulling planes I’m …  “Helping fix them.”
Richard Bejarano Maintenance parts expediter I am strong because … “I eat all my spinach.”
Pete Farrington Line aircraft technician

Tina Nemith Seattle line maintenance administrative assistant I am strong because … “I spent 30 years as a volunteer ski patrol pulling sleds and rescuing people off the mountain.”
Vladimir Kostov Systems engineer I am strong because … “I Am Alaska.”
Daniel Garcia Technician helper I’m strong because … “The people I keep around me help me be strong.”
Roger Dawson Lean line avionics technician

Nate Coats Line aircraft technician When I’m not pulling planes I’m … “Out skiing in the winter months or flying around the state of Alaska enjoying the scenic views.”
Scott Crosby Director of maintenance control I’m preparing for the plane pull by … “Calculating how much we would save by pulling planes instead of using tugs.”

Facebook Contest Winners:

Teammate Picture About me …
Michelle Middleton michelle middleton My team will win because … “We have a great comedian at the helm, so even if we lose, we can all laugh about it.”
Robert McKellar robert I am strong because … “Only people from Pullman and WSU have Cougar Calves.”
Anita Elder anita My team will win because … “Cancer is the big loser.”
Patricia Robeldo Screenshot_2015-07-23-16-55-20 I am strong because… “I survived cancer. Twice!”
Anne Whiteside anne I am strong because … “Giving up is not an option.”
Michael McFerran michael mcf My team will win because … “Joel McHale has more leverage in his height than Russell Wilson.”
Dennis Mickelberry header-logo When I’m not pulling planes I’m … “Driving mustangs.”
Katie “The Arm” Ecklund katie ecklund I am strong because … “I’m a mom, a wife, a full-time professional and a combat veteran!”