Alaska Airlines statement on the Inflation Reduction Act

Alaska Airlines applauds Congress and the Biden Administration for their inclusion of the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)-specific tax incentives for blenders and producers, and the alternative fuel and low-emission aviation technology program in the recently signed Inflation Reduction Act. These programs represent an important foundational step toward growing the SAF market in the U.S. 

Investing in SAF has multilayered benefits for the American public: SAF production opportunities will create jobs and economic opportunities across the country and bolster energy security. Broad adoption of SAF will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions in aviation and help companies, like Alaska, meet our sustainability goals. It is a historic policy and puts the U.S. on the right path towards advancing production of SAF and making it more affordable.  

We know this work will take time and multiple steps, and we’re committed to the journey. We’ll continue to focus on efforts to scale up SAF production, address the remaining hurdles to doing so, and increase SAF feedstock diversity in the United States.