Alaska Airlines uses donation of fuel from BP Alaska to support community needs

Alaska Airlines and BP Alaska are partnering to reinforce the supply chain in Alaska during the current public health emergency. BP Alaska is providing 1 million gallons of Jet A fuel to Alaska...

Alaska Airlines and BP Alaska are partnering to reinforce the supply chain in Alaska during the current public health emergency. BP Alaska is providing 1 million gallons of Jet A fuel to Alaska Airlines to support critical flying in the state of Alaska.

“We have always had a great relationship with BP Alaska, moving both workers and supplies to keep North America’s energy flowing,” said Marilyn Romano, regional vice president, Alaska Airlines. “They have been supporting communities throughout Alaska for many years. With the current health crisis, this partnership will allow us to ramp up operations in areas that have seen a loss of air service, and more importantly, support a critical need to fly those needing access to medical care.”

With BP Alaska’s gift, Alaska Airlines will pay it forward and donate 1 million miles to the American Cancer Society of Alaska’s Flight Partner program. This donation will help replace the loss of air transportation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Flight Partner Program ensures that cancer patients in Alaska have access to transportation when they are required to receive treatment far from home.

“The barrier of geographical distance between Alaskans facing cancer and their treatment has been one of the most urgent problems the American Cancer Society has faced statewide,” said Charissa Habeger, director, community development, American Cancer Society. “Our Flight Partner Program is the only option for many patients to receive the lifesaving care they need, and we appreciate the generous donation of these travel miles from Alaska Airlines.”

Alaska Airlines provides both passenger and freight service to 20 different communities across the state of Alaska. Only three of these are connected by the road system.

Whether it is supporting transportation of COVID-19 test kits from Ketchikan to Fairbanks, moving critical medical professionals to combat this current crisis, or helping Alaskans get to medical care, this partnership with BP Alaska supports Alaska Airlines’ commitment to keeping Alaska communities connected.

“We are very proud of our relationship with Alaska Airlines and we were inspired to lend a helping hand as they took quick action to step up their support for remote communities in this incredibly challenging time,” said Janet Weiss, president BP Alaska. “Having been in Alaska for 60 years, BP deeply understands the unique reliance rural Alaska has on air service to provide much needed food, medical equipment and other cargo, in addition to passenger transportation. It is our honor to be able to support Alaska Air with 1 million gallons of jet fuel – we are all in this together.”

Carbon emissions from the aviation fuel donated by BP will be offset through the BP Target Neutral Program, using certified U.S. carbon offset projects. BP Alaska will ship the fuel from their Cherry Point Refinery in Washington state.

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Tim Thompson – Alaska Airlines

Megan Baldino – BP Alaska

Christina Kelly – American Cancer Society