Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air Offer Holiday Travel Tips

In anticipation of the busy holiday travel season, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air offer these tips for stress-free travel: -- Check in online. Alaska and Horizon passengers can check in online...

In anticipation of the busy holiday travel season, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air offer these tips for stress-free travel:

  -- Check in online. Alaska and Horizon passengers can check in online for
     domestic and international flights up to 24 hours before departure at or  International passengers also can
     enter passport information online. Passengers should leave ample time
     to check any luggage at the airport.  Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
     members earn 1,000 miles the first time they check in online.
  -- Know the carry-on limits.  All airlines allow one carry-on bag and one
     personal item, such as a briefcase, laptop or purse. Size limitations
     for carry-on items are available at  Horizon's planeside
     Ala Cart service allows slightly larger carry-on items. Customers using
     this service planning to transfer to flights on Alaska or other
     carriers must adhere to standard carry-on limits. Customers using the
     Ala Cart service should keep valuables with them on the aircraft.
  -- Be familiar with rules for liquids.  The Transportation Security
     Administration (TSA) has strict rules for packing liquids, gels and
     aerosols in carry-on bags.  Each passenger is permitted to bring these
     items in three-ounce or smaller containers, and all containers must be
     packed in one quart-sized, clear plastic zip-top bag.  The TSA requires
     each passenger to place this bag in a bin or on the conveyor belt for
     X-ray screening.  Full TSA rules are available at
  -- Carry on valuables, fragile items and medication.  Passengers should
     carry prescription medications, passports, cameras, film, electronics,
     cash, jewelry, business papers and other valuables in carry-on luggage
     to keep control of these items.  TSA rules permit prescription
     medications through security checkpoints and require them to be
  -- Leave gifts unwrapped. Wrapped packages are subject to inspection
     regardless of whether passengers carry them through security or in
     checked luggage.
  -- Properly label all luggage. Passengers should provide a clearly printed
     label on the outside and inside of each piece of luggage. Tags should
     include name, address, e-mail address, permanent phone number and a
     phone number at the destination.
  -- Know the rules for large or unusual items. Passengers with excess
     luggage, pets or oversized items, such as skis, should check their
     airline's policies ahead of time.
  -- Know when to go. In general, passengers should arrive at the airport at
     least two hours before domestic departures and three hours before
     international departures.  Specific information for each airport is
     available at  Passengers must be at the gate, checked in
     and ready to board at least 30 minutes prior to domestic departures, or
     40 minutes before international departures.
  -- Prepare for the security line.  Passengers should avoid bringing TSA-
     prohibited items through the security line.  A list of prohibited items
     is available at  Passengers can pass through security more
     quickly by limiting the number of electronic devices they carry and by
     removing shoes, metal objects and laptop computers before entering the
     screening area.
  -- Check in at Alaska Airlines' Airport of the Future facility in Seattle.
     Alaska Airlines customers checking in for flights at Seattle-Tacoma
     International Airport are encouraged to use the airline's new Airport
     of the Future check-in facility.  Located to the right of the
     traditional ticket counter, the facility allows customers to print
     boarding passes at check-in kiosks and check bags at 16 bag-check
     points. Customers with questions about how the new facility works can
     ask Alaska Airlines' Lobby Coordinators, who wear red vests or jackets,
     for assistance.
  -- Use a check-in kiosk. Alaska and Horizon provide more than 400
     convenient check-in kiosks at airports and many off-site locations.
     Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members earn 1,000 Mileage Plan miles the
     first time they check in at a kiosk.
  -- Take the express line. MVP Gold Mileage Plan members can use express
     lines at security checkpoints in Anchorage, Alaska; Portland, Ore.;
     Seattle; and Spokane, Wash. Express lines also are available for
     Horizon Shuttle passengers traveling between Seattle and Portland.
  -- Plan for transportation to the airport.  Passengers should allow extra
     time for parking as some lots may be full.  Passengers are encouraged
     to take a shuttle to the airport or park at a satellite parking lot

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