Prepare to step into our stepped-up lounges

We’re investing in our airport lounges as part of a multi-year commitment to refresh and expand our portfolio. Here’s a preview of what’s coming to an Alaska Lounge near you.

What’s new

In the coming months, we’ll be enhancing our lounges in Portland, Anchorage, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Expect refreshed designs and amenities to make your lounge life even better. Here are a few of our favorite additions:

      • A refreshed look and feel featuring new comfortable furniture, warm finishes and a welcoming vibe;
      • Barista stations so that you can get your custom-crafted Starbucks® espresso beverages or loose-leaf Teavana® tea just the way you like them from an Alaska Lounge Barista; and
      • Meals for purchase, starting at just $8. You can buy fresh, filling, high-quality and affordable food to enjoy in the lounges or take to-go. This is in addition to our complimentary bites and beverages (more detail below).

    Please excuse any disruptions as we complete these renovations.

    Opening soon

    Get ready for the new Alaska Lounge in Seattle. At over 15,800 square feet, our newest flagship lounge has it all. Prepare to relax by the grand fireplace or sip a local brew at the spacious bar while taking in the best runway views at Sea-Tac.

    In partnership with Graham Baba Architects, Alaska Airlines designed this lounge with the goal of creating a warm, relaxing and welcoming space that will make you want to arrive early to the airport.

    The lounge is scheduled to open during the first half of 2019 in Sea-Tac’s North Satellite terminal.

    Images: Graham Baba Architects, Executive architect: SRG Partnership

    Fresh bites & beverages

    We’ve enhanced our food offering. In the morning, indulge in a tasty variety of morning favorites like Greek yogurt, steel-cut oatmeal and freshly made pancakes, paired with our new Toppings Bar. Plus, enjoy hardboiled eggs, scones, bagels and fresh fruit.

    In the afternoon, choose from a seasonal salad, new hearty soups and rustic breads. And in the evening, enjoy veggies and hummus, cheese and crackers, and more. Plus, enjoy snacks, fresh fruit and, of course, cookies all afternoon and evening.

    Thirsty? Take a sip of our new Teavana teas – coming soon to all lounges. For the 21+ crowd, we’re introducing new West Coast wines, local brews and custom-crafted cocktails.

    Looking for something a bit more filling? Try one of our new meals for purchase, starting at only $8. Choose from an egg and brioche sandwich, asparagus + goat cheese omelet, flatbread pizza, chicken pesto panini or a Korean rice bowl. Enjoy in the lounge or to go. Available in Seattle (Concourse C), Los Angeles and New York. Coming soon to Portland and Anchorage.

    Lounge access

    Never experienced an Alaska Lounge? You can access our lounges by purchasing a membership or day pass. You are also welcome to visit if you’ve purchased a first class seat.

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  1. These sound like great changes! I hope there is TV free zone built into the new plans – please! Not all of us want to be yapped at everywhere we go, especially if we want to focus and/or relax.

  2. Is there going to be a lounge at Paine Field?

    1. Hi Kitara. We’re very excited about Paine Field. Nothing to share at this time, but stay tuned!

    2. That would be excellent! I will be using Paine field all the time.
      Can I book a first flight?

      1. Not yet, but we’ll let you know here on the blog when the time comes!

      2. I am literally waiting to book my next vacation until I can use Paine Field and not have to make that no-fun drive to Seatac again.

  3. We have multiple lounges at Sea-Tac. All of our lounge locations and hours are posted here:

    Let us know if you have additional questions!

  4. All fine and good, but what are you doing for your members who are forced to sit for hours in SFO?

    Not accceptable to have no solution there yet.

    1. Hi Scott. SFO is a high priority and we’re continuing to explore potential lounge spaces. Thanks for your patience!

  5. As 75K Flyer I would encourage you to spend some of the quarterly profit introducing meals back to transcontinental flight 3+ hours or more – Delta is – and it is so appreciated by road warriors from Alaska who have little chance to eat well inflight. Work on your snacks and up the protein, healthy options ahead.

    1. Yes. I’d love to see some more healthy in-flight food options.

  6. So if I have an Alaska credit card, I can enter the lounge for a $25 fee, but my wife can not come with me? If the fee is per person ($ 50) plus We have to purchase meals for 2 , why bother using the lounge: we coulld get far better value in the airport food services. Flyiing First Class does not induce one regarding your lounge! Also, how about a phone no for us cousins to the north or has Trump excluded Canadians here as well?

  7. Will the lounges at PDX and the North gate at SEA be closed completly for awhile or different time schedule…Thanks

    1. Hi Douglas. Our goal is to complete the work during hours when the lounge is closed. Any updates to our hours of operation will be posted on our website.

  8. I hope that you continue providing the raisin bread in the mornings in Anchorage and Seattle

    1. Glad you like it, George! I’ve passed along your feedback.

  9. When will the Alaska Lounge open at SFO Terminal 2?

    1. Hi Peter. We’re continuing to explore potential spaces for an Alaska Lounge at SFO. Stay tuned!

  10. fresh pancakes? does this mean your famous pancake machine will be gone?

    1. Our pancake machine is still going strong! You can learn more here:

  11. Instead of new looks I’d rather have improved food. Instead of the mint candies have really candy like American does. Instead of hummus have brownies like American does. Instead of salad have hot comfort food like mac n cheese like Delta does. The Alaska lounge needs to be different at each location. It seems like it is the same thing at every location.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Michael. I’ve passed it along to the team.

      1. I’d like some healthy options instead of ‘really candy,’ brownies and mac & cheese. It’s hard enough to eat healthy on the road.

    2. I’d like some healthy options instead of ‘really candy,’ brownies and mac & cheese. It’s hard enough to eat healthy on the road.

  12. Nice nice, but you kicked out Priority Club Customers from your Seattle lounge. Will they be able to access the new lounge at SEA?

    1. Hi Peter. Unfortunately, due to limited capacity, we aren’t able to admit Priority Pass guests in our Seattle Lounges. Priority Pass access is still available in all other Alaska Lounge locations outside of Seattle.

      1. I really loved the Alaska Lounges. Alaska is a great airline but please don’t grow any further. If you get to big, you will only focus on satisfying shareholders rather than customers. So far Alaska felt like you are part of a family but ever since the acquisition of Virgin this fades away more and more.

  13. Would you PLEASE bring back the PDX ATL direct? I’m traveling this route at least once a month. I know I’m not the only one who misses this option

  14. They sound amazing!!’

  15. We are thrilled to hear about the new upgrades. Sure would love to have a similar AK lounge in HONOLULU! We are in and out of there all year around — typically spend at least an hour at the airport awaiting a flight back to Anchorage…. HELP please!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Dana. I’ve shared with the team.

  16. Very nice! It is nice to see expanding services for Alaska Air travelers ! Makes things a bit more world class, though the service has always been the best.

  17. We really enjoy the Alaska Lounge experience, and excited that you will be introducing new furniture! : ) One small addition might be to include bottles of water for taking on the plane . . or a device that are now in some terminals, for filling our reusable bottles.

    1. Great idea, Joan! Thanks.

  18. I would like to see all the soups be Vegan that way everyone can enjoy them. I would also like to see at least some vegan options at every part of the day.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, David. I’ve shared with the team.

  19. Does this mean if we upgrade our seat to 1st class, before flying, we can use the lounge?

    1. Great question, Mary. Guests who purchase a first class ticket are welcome to use the lounge free of charge. If you receive a complementary seat upgrade, you’ll need to purchase a lounge day pass or membership.

  20. Think charging for meals is a bad idea. You realize you are already charging for premium liquor. Where both sandwiches and other hand made food as well as premium liquor is included in other airline lounges. Questioning if I should renew my lounge pass again or join a different airlines

    1. Hi Rick. We’re offering meals for purchase in addition to our complimentary food options. In case you don’t have time to sit and enjoy your meal, you can purchase a grab-and-go option for an affordable price. We’re sorry for any confusion and hope you’ll renew your lounge membership!

  21. Really like the hand soap in the powder room & lotion.

  22. Glad to hear about these, but what about San Francisco. With the Virgin merger, Alaska moved from the International Terminal to (mostly) Terminal 2. At the same time, we lost access to the American Airlines Admirals Club in that terminal, so now there’s effectively no Alaska Lounge available for SFO near Alaska flights. This has been going on months and months (all of 2018?). When can we expect a resolution. I travel a lot to the Bay Area, and this is dissapointing?

    1. Hi Ric. We’re continuing to explore potential spaces for an Alaska Lounge at SFO. Stay tuned for more details!

  23. Do I understand that complimentary soup and general meal snacks are now going to cost 8.00 or that in addition to the fare you offer you will have other choices? One of the reasons I am a lounge member is for the included fare. Please let me know.

    1. Sorry for the confusion, Lourdes. We are still offering complimentary food and beverages in our lounges. The meals for purchase are an additional option.

  24. What about Portland, OR lounge? MVP Gold travel a ton why can’t we get a new lounge?

    1. Hi Wayne. The Portland lounge is being enhanced as well! You can expect to see a refreshed look and feel, barista espresso stations and meals for purchase in addition to our complimentary food and drinks.

  25. I do sincerely hope the furniture is more comfortable. Right now it appears AK Air is intent on replacing cushioned seating with hard-seated furniture. It isn’t comfortable. And the curved seating around the fire pit is a mistake. The seat back is straight and sitting right next to the fire like that will not be comfortable for more than just a couple of minutes (too hot). Maybe a couple of minutes in the lounge is what AK Air is aiming for tonkeep the numbers down?

    Please enlist a designer who is skilled and specializes in seating that truly provides a comfortable respite for someone who has a couple-hour layover. The reclining chairs American has at its lounge in Chicago are a wonderful place to relax after a red-eye flight from Anchorage, for example.

    Your food offerings have improved, so thank you for that. If you can follow American’s lead in making additional improvements, that would be great. I’m thinking of the American lounge at O’Hare.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Nancy. We value input like this and I’ve personally passed along to our lounge team.

  26. This looks amazing!

  27. Hope you provide some gluten free options

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Pete! I’ve shared with our team.

  28. Love the new look and offerings! Can’t wait to try them all!

  29. How about some lounge for SLC? I feel abandoned when I am at SLC and no Lounge Access of any kind.


    1. Hi Andrew. We appreciate the feedback!

  30. great looks good

  31. You need a facility in Terminal 2 at SFO!!

    1. We agree and are continuing to explore potential spaces for an Alaska Lounge at SFO. Stay tuned!

  32. Great Improvements, cannot wait for the new Seattle lounge to open. But as a person with celiac, it is difficult to eat on the road, and I see some improvements in the offerings in the lounges. Can you look at some gluten free crackers and breads? I know your foodservice company has a widening variety of gluten free options, please ask them for suggestions.
    And thanks for offering Seattle Dry Cider, great choice for us GF folks!

  33. Don’t you all get it? Travelers stopping in your lounges are looking to comfortably rest, in COMFORTABLE furniture. They are NOT stopping in to admire the wonderfulness of uncomfortable nordic-looking hard seat / low back bench furniture that one of your 24-year old designers thinks represents their dream high-end Ikea-like tableau ???

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Richard.

  34. You should offer more top shelf liquor at the lounge that is included and not an additional fee. I enjoy Wofford Reserve on the plane and it would be nice to see it in the lounge as an inclusive offer. Or add the t as a perk if you are a Golf member.

  35. I think it would be appropriate to open your Boston tkt/check in office 4 hours prior to departure. I heard quite a few folks disparaging Alaska Airlines that were part of a tour group. They couldn’t drop their bags off and couldn’t pass through TSA to use their lounge priviledges.

  36. Alaska Airlines needs Lounge in San Diego.

  37. Awesome! I cannot wait. Gives me a good reason to renew my boardroom membership.

  38. This is fantastic, but what is the status of an Alaska Lounge at SFO ? We fly there most frequently, and miss at least some sort of reciprocity. It has been unavailable for over a year unless you are flying out of the International Terminal and utilize the small Cathay lounge. Thanks.

    1. We hear you, Kay! We’re continuing to explore potential spaces for an Alaska Lounge at SFO. Hoping to have more to share soon.

  39. I hope you’ll add an Alaska Lounge soon at the new Payne Field airport. I want to fly in and out of Payne Field once Alaska flights begin, but probably will not do so if there is no Alaska Lounge.

  40. Looks good, glad you are upgrading the facilities to keep pace with demand.

  41. who can use the lounges

    1. Hi John. The lounges are open to Alaska Lounge members or guests who purchased a first class seat. Guests are also welcome to purchase a day pass.

  42. Are these lounges open to the public, or are they open to Alaska travelers or only to ist class fliers?

    1. Hi Regis. Looks like you and John (above) had the same question. The lounges are open to Alaska Lounge members or guests who purchased a first class seat. Guests are also welcome to purchase a day pass.

  43. Alaska airlines is the best airline, your lounges are the best, and to make it even better, wow I am just so excited. Alaskan Airlines you rock!!

  44. would be nice if there was lounge access in terminal 2 at SFO

  45. Meals for purchase? That’s ridiculous. I guess I’ll be visiting the Centurion lounge instead.

    1. Hi Ryan. We’re still offering our complimentary food in addition to new meals for purchase. Sorry for any confusion!

  46. And when are you opening a lounge at SFO? We’ve lost access to the AA Admiral’s Club @ SFO, so for your flying out of T2 (the overwhelming majority of AS pax fly inland out of T2, *not* the IT), there is NOTHING…. This is your LARGEST hub w/out a lounge. What gives?

    1. Hi Jason. We’re continuing to explore potential spaces for an Alaska Lounge at SFO. Thanks for your patience!


    1. Been asking the same question seemingly forever. I *do* recall seeing that American Airlines will be pulling out of T2 and moving over to the new T1, BUT that the Admiral’s Club there will be converted into more retail space. So when will there be an AS lounge at SFO’s T2? (Or is the better question, “Will there EVER be an Alaska Lounge in SFO’s T2?”)

    2. Hi Jonathan. We will share more details as soon as we have them. I can say we are exploring potential spaces for an Alaska Lounge at SFO. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

  48. Disappointed in the elimination of day time cheese and crackers have heard many others discussing it in the lounges

  49. Looking forward to the day when we have a lounge at SFO again.

  50. Hooray! That’s such great news. I’ve been a frequent flyer since 1984 and love Alaska Air. I would love you even more if Portland was first on the list.

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