Video: Paine Field terminal sneak peek

We’re getting super excited! Our first flights from Paine Field in Everett, Washington take off March 4. We’ll soon have 18 daily nonstop departures to 8 terrific West Coast destinations. For so many of our guests – especially those who live in North Puget Sound – this new airport will be a game-changer.

Today, we’re sharing a sneak peek of what’s in store:

Before flying out of Paine Field for the first time, you may be wondering the best route to get there, where to park, and what food and drink options you’ll have. Propeller Airports – which operates the new terminal – has launched a website to help travelers plan their trips. We recommend checking it out!

And don’t forget: It’s not too late to buy your Alaska Airlines tickets for Paine Field flights.

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  1. Any plans for larger aircraft and flights to Dallas, Oklahoma City and Cincinnati?

    1. Not at this time, but thanks for the feedback!

  2. any chances of flights to Baltimore, or Wasgingron DC??

    1. Not from Paine Field. We’ll be flying our E175s, and Baltimore or Washington, D.C. are outside the range of those aircraft.

  3. What cities will Alaska be serving out of Paine Field?

    1. Hi Don! We’ll be flying to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Orange County.

    2. How early should one get to Paine field prior to your flight?

      1. Hi Donna. This is always a personal judgment call. But let’s say you’re being dropped off at Paine Field: An hour before your flight would be great.

      2. As a gate agent, We always like the guest at the gate one hour prior to departure..

  4. Hopefully you will have flights to Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska?

    1. Hi Renette, Sea-Tac is still your best bet for flying to the state of Alaska. This blog post lists all the destinations we’re flying to from Paine Field:

  5. Congratulations on the addition of Paine Field flights for those who fly from the North end. I hope you consider Boise and SLC as one of your non stop flights from Paine Field in the future. Thank you!

    1. I agree! Flights to Boise and SLC and even Spokane would be amazing!

  6. As an employee of McGee Air, I have had the pleasure of previewing the new terminal. With over 40 years of experience in the Airline Industry, it is probably one of the most beautiful boarding areas I have ever seen in a commercial airport. I liken it more to a Airline club lounge, than a passenger gate area. Everyone should be very excited about this exceptional addition to Snohomish county.

  7. This is my first Alaska Airlines flight. Disappointed that I couldn’t fly into Paine Field as originally booked. Now I have had to pay extra for the bus from SeaTac to Marysville casino. Also disappointed that I had to download an app before my flight took off in order to watch a movie. I wish I had known that ahead of time.

    1. Hi Ken, I’m so sorry to hear this. We wish we hadn’t had to postpone our start of service at Paine Field. If it’s helpful, we recently published a guide for accessing our inflight entertainment:

  8. What is the car rental situation expected to be?

    1. Hi Jeepie. Propeller Airports, which operates the new terminal, is working with several national car rental companies to ease transport to and from the terminal. They will be updating their website as more information becomes available. Here’s the link:

  9. I’m so happy that you’ve come to Paine Field…Congrats!

  10. Flights to Palm Springs????

  11. Looking at the long term parking situation. First, it’s considerably more than I pay at SeaTac and I know you have no control over that. Secondly it says it’s a 5 minute walk to the terminal. Is this a covered walk? I would not enjoy a 5 minute walk in the rain for sure.

    1. Hi Kitara — The walk from the parking lot to the terminal is not covered. You could try the valet service. More info here:

  12. Congratulations, Alaska Airlines!!!

  13. Is it possible to have live videos of takeoff’s and landings of your new terminal at Pain Field? I miss watching the planes come and go.

  14. Super excited to see what the terminal at Paine Field looks like. It looks classy and comfortable. Looking forward to flying out from there.

  15. Super excited to see what the terminal Paine Filed looks like. It looks classy and comfortable. I will check out what flights I can take from there.

  16. Could you please add a flight to and from Salt Lake City from Paine Field!! It would be so awesome! Do you have any plans for that route? I have been a Mileage Plan member since 1978 and only fly Alaska. Look forward to your response. Thank you, Happy Alaska Flyer

    1. Hi Lynne. No plans to add SLC at this point, but thanks for the feedback! Hope you enjoy the new terminal.

  17. When is there a non-stop to San Jose?????

    1. Hi Rick, you can see the flight schedule here:

  18. Question. Is the service 100 percent approved and will start for sure? When I’ve looked to buy tix it says on those flights pending government approval. I booked to Sea Tac because of that. That needs to be clarified on the website.

    1. Hi Michael. The Federal Aviation Administration has issued its Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), paving the way for commercial air service at Paine Field. Service remains subject to receipt of certain other governmental approvals, which Alaska anticipates will be received in time for us to launch our first flights on March 4, as scheduled.

  19. When will non-stop flights to Boise be added to your schedules?

    1. Hi John, no plans to add Boise in the near-term out of Paine Field, but we’ve taken note of your request.

      1. My family and many of my coworkers would take the Boise flight many times per year! Thank you for considering this request.

  20. Love, Love, Love this!!
    Patiently awaiting my first trip next month!! ♥️✈️

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