Tap to taste: Alaska expands pre-flight ordering for first class meals on more than 200 daily flights

This map shows routes where First Class Pre-Select is available.

Great trips require great planning. Whether you’re traveling for business, or flying some place new with the family, there’s a lot that goes into getting ready for travel.

You’ve scrolled through options for hotels, activities and restaurants, and made your selections. And now on Alaska, if you’ve splurged on a first class seat, or snagged an upgrade with your elite status, you can do the same with your in-flight meal options.

Alaska is expanding First Class Pre-Select, allowing first class guests on select flights to reserve their meal choices between 24 hours and two weeks in advance of departure time, right from the Alaska Airlines mobile app. First class guests will be able to choose between two entrées or Alaska’s Signature Fruit and Cheese platter served on a first class plate.

“We want to ensure our first class guests will enjoy the meal of their choice when they fly with us,” said Chase Craig, Alaska’s director of onboard brand experience. “First Class Pre-Select will enable guests to make their selection well in advance of actually sitting in that comfy seat.”

Available on over 200 daily flights

Originally rolled out in October 2017, First Class Pre-Select is now available on more than 200 flights daily, including most flights over four hours, all coast-to-coast flights and flights between the West Coast and Hawaii. Check the Alaska app to see if it’s available on your flight. (First Class Pre-Select is currently only available on flights operated by Boeing aircraft and is not available on flights without a scheduled meal service.)

“Guests on these flights will have the opportunity to provide us with useful feedback,” Craig said. “Our goal is to eventually roll this out on all flights.”

Guests can provide feedback using the Alaska Listens feature on the mobile app.

How to use First Class Pre-Select

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Alaska Airlines mobile app installed on your smartphone. First class meal options can be reserved anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks prior to your flight.

Select the “Food reservation” icon. Then you will be directed to select from the food items available on your particular flight.

This is a screenshot of the Alaska Airlines mobile app. It lists three breakfast options. One is a fruit and cheese platterThis is a screenshot of the Alaska Airlines mobile app. It shows a reservation departing Seattle for Washington, D.C. There are several icons below the destination one reads "Food Reservation"












Confirm your choice, and enjoy! Your flight attendant will bring you the meal you have selected during the flight’s first class meal service.

This is a screenshot of the Alaska Airlines mobile app. It is confirming the food selection for that flight.


  1. Great idea. But needs to include basic allergen information with the choices.

  2. Flying HNL-SEA on 16MAR in F. No food icon is showing. Any thoughts?

    1. I’m not seeing it on my HNL -> OAK flight for 12MAR either 🙁

  3. Looking for a list of spirits from Portland to Honolulu? The website lists beer, wine, soda, juice but not spirits. Thanks

  4. My husband and I are flying first class from Reno to Seattle on a 9:30 p.m. two hour flight. What kind of food service can we expect?

  5. How do you log out of the mobile app. There is no option/link/icon that allows the end user to log out.

    I entered my confirmation #, now the app is stuck on the one trip.

  6. Is the grilled chicken with green coconut curry noodles dairy free?

  7. Is this available on the windows phone?

  8. I have a view food menu option for flight 872, ANC-KOA, but when I click on it, it says no menu available. Is this route on the list for reservations? Flight departs March 2

    1. Thanks for the heads up! It should be fixed now – let me know if it’s not. Have fun in Kona.

  9. I am flying from SFO to Boston Logan in September. Since it is an overnight flight does first class have food service? I looked on my app and it doesn’t say anything about it.

  10. There is no food reservation icon on my Alaska Airlines app and I have the latest version just downloaded.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for letting us know. Pre-ordering meals in First Class is not yet available on all flights, so it’s possible that your flight doesn’t have this yet.

  11. I do not see a food reservation icon when I click on the Alaska airlines app.

  12. Hi will vegan/vegetarian options be offered? I love to fly Alaska but am frustrated when I have to pay for a meal from economy (even though I purchased a first class ticket) because all the first class offerings contain meat.

    1. Yes, we have heard that request often. In the short term, the Fruit & Cheese Platter should be available as a vegetarian option in First Class Pre-Select. Additionally, we are looking at adding vegetarian options to the First Class menu. Stay tuned.

  13. Is there first class preflight meal order for sfo-ewr and back?

    1. Hi Linda, I believe that route is operated with an Airbus plane, and the First Class Pre-Select is not yet available on our Airbus flights. Sorry.

  14. What is the status now of this service for First Class Passangers? Is it on all flights yet?
    I have a flight from ONT to ANC via SEA in April.

    1. Hi Theresa,

      This has not yet been rolled out to all flights, and it looks like flights between Seattle and Anchorage won’t have this by April. Sorry.

  15. The simplest thing you could do is let us know what is onboard in first class for food….I only like about half what is served and would eat in advance … I will be a million miler next year and I pay for over half my first class seats so I hope you figure this easy fix out

  16. Will this be expanded to Hawaii/HNL flights to/from San Diego and to/from Seattle by mid March?

  17. Are the meal options the same for Virgin America first class?

    1. While Alaska and Virgin America currently serve different menus, we are looking at ways to bring the best of each airline into one combined menu sometime in 2018.

  18. Hi from downunder
    We have just booked 4 First class ticket from lax to anchoage direct on 30/8/18 can you tell us is this a lunch flt and can we have a choice.We look fwd to the flight and your reply back pls.

    1. Hi Allan – We do not have specific catering options that far in advance. You can check your Alaska Airlines mobile app closer to your departure date to browse current offerings.

  19. I’m flying first class for the first time next september 2018. I hope this will be there when i fly. I’m so excited to be flying first class.

  20. Thank you. This will be especially nice on long flights. I hope it rolls out with more options. I also liked the small plates “trial test” which obviously did not make it. That seemed less preferred by the flight attendants. However, they are so great, I think it’s important to have their input and have what works for them. I would like to see the app show info or codes to let us know what items have allergens i.e. gluten dairy, etc. I was on a flight not so long ago and out of 12 seats, there happened to be 8 passengers that were to some degree vegetarian. These were all non related people. Some were vegan, many were not, but many had multiple ie no meat or chicken AND no gluten, or no meat AND no dairy. The flight attendants served a lot of partial meals that flight. There seems to be a high percentage of passengers that have allergies or special food needs, I being one of them. Typically on my flights, there have been 3 to 4 with dietary restrictions. There are so many variables that “one size fits most” doesn’t always work, more choices would be appreciated. I would also like green tea to be available, Horizon used to have it available, and the flight attendants have encouraged me to write in as the said they get so many requests for green tea.

  21. Will these be for all fights? For example, what about skywest and horizon flights? They charge for fruit and cheese. There needs to be fruit and cheese complementary on all flights up in first class, and blankets

    1. Hi Linda – Right now, this is available only on routes operated by Alaska Airlines.

  22. Great idea to know the food options. Good job Alaska Air.

  23. Will there eventually be an option to order a kid’s snack box from coach for those of us traveling in first class with our kiddos?

    1. I will share your suggestion with our food and beverage team! Thanks, Scott.

    2. You can get one now. We just flew with our granddaughter home from Hawaii after a family wedding and she had two kids boxes while sitting with us in first class. The staff was happy to get them for her. They were great about it.

      1. Clay: That’s great when you get a Flight Attendant that will bend the rules but Alaska’s policy as of last year (went along with the small plates trial) is that any substitutions of the First Class meal with one of the Coach selections including the Fruit & Cheese plate, snack packs, or the hot meal is charged at full price.
        Glad to see a return to the prior policy at least for the Fruit & Cheese plate with this preorder trial.

  24. What meal choices are there for an overnight flight? My husband is in first class on flight 785 Dec, 20th to Baltimore.

    1. Hi Linda – I recommend checking the Alaska Airlines mobile app two weeks prior to your husband’s departure.

  25. This is a great idea! Viewing the menu before we fly provides the ability to decide if we need to bring our own food because of allergies to pork, beef and milk products. Thank you for continually looking for ways to improve an already amazing service.

  26. why are the Oct 10 and 24 roll out routes the same?

    1. Hi Anil – This feature will be available on the above routes departing from Seattle beginning Oct. 10, then routes returning to Seattle beginning Oct. 24. But stay tuned! Our goal is to eventually roll this out on all of our flights.

      1. By all flights, do you mean all flights with meal service like SEA-LAX or just the longer transcon & Hawaii routes?

      2. Hi Scott – Eventually, we hope to have First Class Pre-Select on all flights with meal service.

  27. Will there eventually be options available for those with dietary restrictions?

  28. We have been looking forward to this since we heard about it. Can’t wait for it to come to Portland. It doesn’t look like we will be able to have it when we fly to Dallas on Nov 1 but our next trip wont be far away.

  29. Can we also reserve online through our laptop or desktop computer?

    1. Hi Andy – At this time, First Class Pre-Select is only available on the Alaska Airlines mobile app. You can download the mobile app here.

      1. I do not own a smart-phone, but I do have a Surface Pro. I hope you will give serious consideration to putting the app up for all computers.

  30. Great. But what about those who get upgrades at the gate?

    1. Hi Grant – Guests upgraded at the gate will still have the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary meal in the first class cabin.

  31. I love this! Thank you Alaska Airlines for listening to your loyal travelers!!

  32. will the first class meal pre-select be available on phoenix-anch non stop flights for christmas? I am flying my 86 yr old mother up to AK for christmas and she has celiac disease, no gluten….would be nice have her meal ready for her. She will be traveling alone since my 88 yr old father passed away in August.

    1. Hi Cheryl – Our goal is to eventually roll this out on all flights. I recommend checking the Alaska Airlines app before your mother’s flight. If it’s available, you’ll see options in the ‘Food reservation’ tab.

      1. I am more than mildly irritated that the pre-order option is available only to those who have the Alaska app loaded on their smart phones. Thanks for making those of us with only flip-phones feel like Luddites. When, if ever, will non-smart phone 1st class passengers be able to pre-order meals on-line at Alaskaair.com???

  33. Granola as a first class entree on a transcon is just sad and shows how far Alaska’s catering has fallen.

    Will the fruit & cheese plate be substituted free of charge or do first class guests need to pay for as they do today for substitutions?

    1. Hi Andrew – Our goal with First Class Pre-Select is to provide options and allow guests to select what they are craving. While the granola, fruit and yogurt dish is a lighter option, the alternative is typically a dish with a little more protein that includes eggs and breakfast meat. The fruit and cheese plate is also an option free of charge – no need to pay extra!

    2. Some people like to eat lite for breakfast. I travel first class every time I fly and I I know my other half would prefer the granola and yogurt over a heavy breakfast. You get plenty of snacks in first class so I am sure you wont go hungry with the granola choice.

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