Tap to taste: Alaska expands pre-flight ordering for first class meals on more than 200 daily flights

Great trips require great planning. Whether you’re traveling for business, or flying some place new with the family, there’s a lot that goes into getting ready for travel.

You’ve scrolled through options for hotels, activities and restaurants, and made your selections. And now on Alaska, if you’ve splurged on a first class seat, or snagged an upgrade with your elite status, you can do the same with your in-flight meal options.

Alaska is expanding First Class Pre-Select, allowing first class guests on select flights to reserve their meal choices between 24 hours and two weeks in advance of departure time, right from the Alaska Airlines mobile app. First class guests will be able to choose between two entrées or Alaska’s Signature Fruit and Cheese platter served on a first class plate.

“We want to ensure our first class guests will enjoy the meal of their choice when they fly with us,” said Chase Craig, Alaska’s director of onboard brand experience. “First Class Pre-Select will enable guests to make their selection well in advance of actually sitting in that comfy seat.”

Available on over 200 daily flights

Originally rolled out in October 2017, First Class Pre-Select is now available on more than 200 flights daily, including most flights over four hours, all coast-to-coast flights and flights between the West Coast and Hawaii. Check the Alaska app to see if it’s available on your flight. (First Class Pre-Select is currently only available on flights operated by Boeing aircraft and is not available on flights without a scheduled meal service.)

“Guests on these flights will have the opportunity to provide us with useful feedback,” Craig said. “Our goal is to eventually roll this out on all flights.”

Guests can provide feedback using the Alaska Listens feature on the mobile app.

How to use First Class Pre-Select

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Alaska Airlines mobile app installed on your smartphone. First class meal options can be reserved anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks prior to your flight.

Select the “Food reservation” icon. Then you will be directed to select from the food items available on your particular flight.

This is a screenshot of the Alaska Airlines mobile app. It lists three breakfast options. One is a fruit and cheese platterThis is a screenshot of the Alaska Airlines mobile app. It shows a reservation departing Seattle for Washington, D.C. There are several icons below the destination one reads "Food Reservation"












Confirm your choice, and enjoy! Your flight attendant will bring you the meal you have selected during the flight’s first class meal service.

This is a screenshot of the Alaska Airlines mobile app. It is confirming the food selection for that flight.