Alaska Airlines partners with like-minded brands to offer guests products made with care

Care guides us in pursuit of brands that care about people and the planet. 
They share a meaningful purpose and spark joy simply by focusing on the little things that matter.

Behind every pretzel twist or chocolate covered almond or truffle and even soap in our bathrooms, there’s a meaningful purpose and reason why brands are part of the Alaska experience. 

At our core, we are all about taking care of people—from our guests to each other. We care about offering the most genuine care, value and ease in the sky—it’s what sets us apart from other airlines and attracts other like-minded brands to love working with us. 

Below are some of the products we carry onboard and in lounges, plus a little more about each of the beautiful humans behind the brands. 

We’ve put in time and lots of thought to find brands to work with that care about the same things we do. These companies are risk-takers, problem-solvers, are ethically-minded, thoughtful, kind and believe even the smallest of things—like a pretzel, a scent or an almond—can have a purpose,” said Todd Traynor-Corey, MD Guest Products. 

Stellar Snacks  

“It’s not just a pretzel, it’s a labor of love.” 

The mesmerizing packaging is as creative as the tiny twists inside. Don’t miss artists’ signatures on the corner of every bag! 

Founders of a timeless classic, Elisabeth Galvin (she/her) and Gina Galvin (they/them), along with their brilliant team, bake their pretzels from scratch daily in Carson City, Nevada. From hand-picked seasonings to sustainably harvested flours, they take pride in using natural ingredients to make their ambitious flavors. 
Stellar Snacks believes that something as small as a pretzel can have a purpose. You’ll notice onboard, each bag of Stellar Snacks is a little work of art. They intentionally partner with budding artists to bring its packaging to life. Artists are given a platform to showcase their talents. 
“It’s one of the ways we love to give back and highlight a talented person that may otherwise go unseen,” says Gina. 

We believe in creating Stellar experiences for all—so we partner with brands who also want to make a difference,” says Gina. “For us, the bottom line is the value we bring to people and the planet, so you have to be courageous, inclusive, sustainable and most of all, kind. After one flight with Alaska, it’s no mystery why it is the Most Caring Airline, and we know that care branches into so many aspects of the business—in-flight and behind the scenes.”

Elisabeth and Gina, Stellar Snacks 

Antica Farmacista 

Fresh scents with warm, soothing aromas and floral pairings that brighten your everyday.

Susanne and Shelley, Antica Farmacista 

Antica Farmacista brings transportive, artfully composed fragrances to familiar spaces—like our aircraft and in our Lounges.  

Founded nearly 20 years ago in Seattle by two dear friends, Susanne Pruitt (she/her) and Shelley Callaghan (she/her), Antica’s decadent fragrances are meant to make you feel good and transport you to a fond memory or feeling while also nodding to a time-honored craft.  

Every scent is infused with care and a lot of thought, so that each aroma reminds you of a time or place,” says Shelley. “For me, some take me back to my childhood or moments with my grandfather. We want [people to enjoy the spaces they’re in—whether it’s on an airplane, stepping into a hotel or your living room—like memories, fragrance should be familiar, lasting and draws you in.” 

As a breast cancer survivor and mother of two boys, Susanne is no stranger to seeking out adventure and lives every day to the fullest. For her, it’s all in the details.  

“Being able to run a business with your best friend is always an adventure and even more meaningful because we care so much about the little things and making people feel a certain way,” she said.  

“Ocean Citron,” was specially created by Antica to give our guests cool blue ocean vibes with notes of California lemon, soft jasmine, lavender, green tea, among others. 

Deeply committed to making fragrance an extension of one’s style and environment, Shelley says they work with brands to master what their fragrance could be. Their collection currently has over 20 alluring fragrances, including Alaska’s very own scent, called “Ocean Citron.”  

The refreshing ocean-inspired products can be found in all our aircraft lavatories (sanitizer if you’re traveling on a Q400) and in our Lounges where you can enjoy its pairing lotion. 


They don’t sugar coat…they Skinny Dip! 

By the end of a bittersweet summer in 2012—after the passing of a dear friend of theirs— Breezy and her mom, Val, hit the reset button and knew they wanted to spend more time together. So, they started SkinnyDipped in Val’s kitchen in Seattle. 

Breezy and Val, SkinnyDipped 

Together, with the help of Breezy’s two best friends, they began hand-dipping almonds at their kitchen table. After a lot of testing (and tasting), they perfected and launched SkinnyDipped’s OG Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds, which is one of our sweet & salty snacks onboard. 

Loaded with plant protein and made without any artificial ingredients, SkinnyDipped products are made with the utmost care—the almonds you get onboard are even sourced from certified bee-friendly farms. 

Kindness is infused into everything we create and bake,” says Breezy. “If we wouldn’t put it on our table for our friends and family, then we wouldn’t put it under SkinnyDipped. It simply comes down to doing the right thing, and we very consciously have tried to be the cleanest, best, most delicious, healthiest product we can be for all.” 

“Alaska was always kind of like a dream partner for us. Featuring our snack onboard made us feel like hometown heroes, just that embrace of local and showing support of the community was huge,” said Val. “The fact that Alaska was willing to pick us up and believe in us at a fairly early stage in our business was super heartwarming and still to this day is a very special relationship to us.” 

As a mother/daughter-founded company, Val and Breezy are committed to raising up and supporting women and the children they love in both their local communities and around the globe. That’s why they launched their give-back program, Brick by Brick, to help support women, build schools and recycle (literal) TONS of plastic in West Africa, where the majority of the world’s cacao is grown. 

SkinnyDipped snacks onboard Alaska flights are made from whole roasted almonds dipped in a thin layer of dark chocolate with a kiss of maple sugar and sea salt and a dusting of cocoa; the thin chocolate layer means you get more nut than chocolate (and less sugar) in every bite. 

Seattle Chocolate 

Simply put, we’re here to lift you up 

Like Alaska, Seattle Chocolate is endlessly inspired to evolve, to be better to each other and the planet and to find a way to leave the world kinder (and more delicious & fly) than we found it.  

As a woman-owned company, they know that magic happens when everyone has a voice. “It makes us bolder, pushes us to take risks, and honestly, it’s just a lot of fun,” says Jean Thompson, owner and CEO of Seattle Chocolate since 2002. 

Seattle Chocolate’s mission has always been to make the world brighter through chocolate, especially when it comes to empowering girls and women. That’s why 10% of net profits from every purchase from their collection supports Girls Inc.  

Learn more about their impact and join us in cheering on the next generation of movers, shakers, and change-makers! 

Fun fact: Seattle Chocolate jcoco-branded bars are also thank-you gifts for Mileage Plan MVP Gold members. 

Like many of the brands we team up with, including the ones featured today, each strives to leave the world a happier, healthier and better place to be—and we couldn’t be more onboard with that kind of care. 

Stay tuned for more behind the brands you’ll find with Alaska! 

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