Alaska Airlines adds co-branded IPA to premium beverage line-up

Photos by Ingrid Barrentine

Two beloved Pacific Northwest brands come together to create the ‘Cloud Cruiser,’ a co-branded IPA now being served 30,000+ feet in the air and in select Lounges

Alaska Airlines is now serving its first-ever custom craft beer brewed for the carrier by Seattle-based Fremont Brewing. Alaska’s newest IPA will be offered complimentary in First and Premium Class, for purchase in the Main Cabin and served in select Lounges. 

The ‘Cloud Cruiser’ is the result of two beloved and popular Pacific Northwest brands coming together to create a top-tier beverage to add to our premium line-up,” said Todd Traynor-Corey, Alaska Airlines managing director of guest products. “The only place in the world you’ll be able to find this one-of-a-kind craft beer is if you’re flying on Alaska or in one of our lounges. We have already received feedback from the first guests to taste our new premium West Coast product who say they can’t wait to fly us again and order another can of ‘Cloud Cruiser.’”   

Fremont Brewing, which crafts small batch artisan beers in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle using the very best local ingredients, worked closely with Alaska to produce a variety of blends to taste test 30,000 feet in the air before both companies chose the bright orange, melon and tropical notes of the brewery’s India pale ale. 

“‘Cloud Cruiser’ IPA is brewed with a select blend of malts and Washington grown to stay fresh in the air with you,” said Matt Lincecum, Fremont Brewing’s Founder and Owner. “Fremont craft ‘Cloud Cruiser’ using years of experience providing beer to Alaska’s flights across the country. Brewed Fresh to be Brought Fresh to you. Because Fresh Beer Matters!” 

The uniquely designed can showcases an Alaska Airlines 737-8 MAX soaring among the clouds above a retro-inspired backdrop of snow-capped mountains, trees and water synonymous with Washington state.  

Alaska and Fremont creative artists worked collaboratively from brainstorming ideas for the co-branded can to the final drawing board. 

“The collaboration between Alaska and Fremont is not just about the artwork on the can, it is the story of two Seattle-based brands that share common values, coming together to create a remarkable product we hope brings a smile to our guests who drink it,” said Jonny Mack, Alaska’s studio creative manager.

Meet the Artists

Jonny Mack

Jonny Mack leads The Studio and has worked at Alaska Airlines since 2017. His most recognized work includes the design of several of our famous holiday sweaters and more than 20 special liveries to name a few. Among his favorite is the “Our Commitment” aircraft, which features the profiles of the next generation of leaders: the children, grandchildren and mentees of Alaska’s employees. Jonny’s son is among those faces.

“Every single day, I am excited by the work that I get to do and the impact it has on our guests,” said Mack. “It’s really amazing to be part of an Alaska Air first. I’ll raise a can of ‘Cloud Cruiser’ to many more!”

Dan Stuckey

Dan Stuckey grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Seattle. As luck would have it, his neighbor was starting a brewery and the rest is history. Dan currently lives in California with his wife and children. 

“It was a pleasure collaborating with the Alaska Airlines team to develop the Cloud Cruiser can—representing the iconic Alaska Airlines plane and logo in the sunset sky against the background of the Cascade Mountain range—we had fun using every color we could squeeze onto this can,” said Dan Stuckey, Fremont Brewing Graphics Manager. 


  1. More beverage choices are always great! Personally I don’t like “heavy” beers (stouts/IPAs) in flight, definitely prefer something lighter like a pilsner or amber.

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