Alaska named one of the friendliest airlines in the skies and a best place to work

To celebrate Employee Appreciation Day & some big wins from Forbes & the WSJ, each Alaska and Horizon Air employee is getting 4 one-way tickets to anywhere we fly! Today & always, we thank them for caring every mile of the way!

The people of Alaska, including our regional airline Horizon Air, are the heart of our business and the reason we’re an award-winning airline. We celebrate their care and hard work every day—especially today, Employee Appreciation Day, with heartfelt thanks for all they do! 

At our core, Alaska and Horizon are all about people – the way we care for our guests and each other. Our reputation for genuine care is what sets us apart from other airlines, and people notice. 

Recently, we appeared on Forbes 2022 Best Large Employers list, which asked people to rate their willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and family, and to nominate organizations other than their own. The Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast Traveler also named Alaska one of the best U.S. airlines in 2021.  

While it’s a huge honor to be recognized as “best of” anything — we wouldn’t get such accolades without our remarkable employees and guests who choose to fly with us. During the pandemic, every aspect of our lives changed including our work. New requirements forced us to travel and do things differently. Our people were asked to enforce new rules and have difficult conversations. This all impacted how we showed care. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to safety, our values and building a culture of care and kindness. 

Looking back on 2021, one thing remains certain—our guests and employees kept our wings high no matter what the universe threw at us. While times haven’t been easy, we’ve seen the best parts of our company and moments that underscore why Alaska has been successful. Other top honors we graciously took home in 2021 thanks to our employees, guests and readers from top publications include: 

Health & Safety 

People’s airline of choice:  

Best Mileage Plan Program & Credit Card 


Diversity, equity & inclusion 

  • Global Traveler — First-ever Outstanding Diversity & Inclusion in Travel Award