Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. & beloved designer Adé Hogue

Designer Broderick Adé Hogue | Photos by Ingrid Barrentine

Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote, “The time is always right to do what is right,” on the side of Our Commitment aircraft is meaningful to us in more ways than one.  

It reminds us to always live our values of doing the right thing and to be kind-hearted. It also holds a special place in our hearts for the beloved artist Broderick Adé Hogue, who was taken from the world too soon. 

Known by friends and family as Adé, his memory & kind spirit will live on through his prominent lettering and prolific designs. Adé, was an incredibly talented, Chicago-based artist, letterer (someone who thoughtfully creates words and letters for design projects) and friend of the Alaska family.  

He created the typography and color palette for our special ‘Our Commitment’ aircraft last spring. Adé found inspiration for the design in Civil Rights Movement-era imagery and was a champion for social justice through his work and personal passions. The aircraft represents our joint commitment to advancing racial equity and education with our long-standing partner, UNCF

Adé made an undeniable impact on our team and will be remembered as a bright beacon of creativity, light and strength in the community. Below are remembrances from some of the people who he worked with at Alaska: 

Adé with Jonny Mack at the reveal of the Our Commitment aircraft last spring.

I met Adé for the first time when I attended the LetterWest type conference in Salt Lake City in 2019. I was there to represent Alaska being a sponsor of the conference, but I was more excited because I was going to get to meet a lot of very creative people that I had been following on Instagram for years. Adé was one of those artists. I remember the first night Adé and some other of the event speakers were going to dinner and he invited me to come with them. He made me feel like I was a part of the crew, not just a fan boy. We spent the evening laughing and eating and over the course of the next few days I got to know him better. He was so kind and welcoming, and I knew that we would be friends. 

Fast forward a year and a half later and I am tasked with creating the design for Alaska’s Our Commitment aircraft. I instantly knew that I needed to have Adé’s talent and voice on this project. We got to work together over the next few months sharing ideas and files back and forth. It was awesome to see him put his special talents into action.

The coolest moment was when we finally walked into the hangar together and got to see the aircraft in person for the first time. We both had tears in our eyes. We got to spend a lot of time talking to each other about the design and how meaningful it was. We heard from the students represented on the plane and their families about the impact we made through our designs. It was just a very special moment that he and I got to share together and one that I will remember for the rest of my life.” – Jonny Mack, marketing design manager. 

“Adé had a magical way of bringing joy into every room or on your screen. I had the pleasure of first meeting him virtually to chat about the design for our blog. He said it was probably the biggest canvas he’d ever worked on, and the hardest part was the plane windows. I’ll never forget seeing his smile when the hangar doors opened as he finally locked eyes on the plane—he stood in awe of it for a while and seemed blown away—we all were—he also liked how the windows split between the lettering he designed.  

Most importantly, I’ll never forget the advice and lessons he taught me in such a short time. He was so enthusiastic about life—specifically about trying new things and focusing on what made him most happy. I assumed it was artwork, but he laughed
that ‘art was his job and wasn’t something he did in his spare time’ it was actually cycling. He said he loved riding his bike around the city—as a former Chicagoan myself, who loved her beach cruiser, I couldn’t agree more. His wisdom to ‘always follow your heart and do what makes you happy’ continues to carry me through the joys and challenges in life. It’s tragic losing such a sweet soul but it gives peace knowing he was doing what made him genuinely happy.” – Ali Garbino, media & content manager. 

Adé grew up in North Carolina and specialized in “lettering,” or working with words and letters in design projects. He taught at DePaul University and lectured on his craft at numerous conferences and colleges. His work has been featured with Alaska, Target, Mercedes, Facebook and more. 

I will forever remember him at the Our Commitment Plane reveal, silently taking in the crowd’s overwhelming reaction with the biggest smile and tears in his eyes. It was a powerful moment—you could feel that this was more than another art project for him. We owe an insurmountable amount of gratitude to Adé for his work and vision for this beautiful aircraft. I promise, as I have since I heard of his passing, to pause every time I see the Our Commitment and remember this brilliant light gone too soon.” – Cailee Lyngaas, media relations manager. 

“I’ve never been more proud of a collaboration of such epic proportions. Adé was the most wonderful human who created the bold and impactful typography on the Our Commitment aircraft and his sudden passing reminds us all how fragile life is and to hug your loved ones tight. I’m hopeful Alaska will continue to honor what Adé’s words represent and to do the right thing for many years to come.” – Ingrid Barrentine, marketing photographer. 

Adé is an incredibly talented and beautiful soul taken from the world far too soon. What brings some peace is knowing that his memory will live on for all of us and our guests through his amazing work on the Our Commitment aircraft. Every time we see that beautiful aircraft on the ground or in the sky, we can take a moment to stop and remember him, his smile, and how he touched us all.”- Tiffany Dehaan, MD culture learning & inclusion. 

Tributes to Adé and donations continue to pour in via the GoFundMe page his family and friends set up shortly after he was involved in a tragic cycling accident in Chicago. Alaska will be making a donation to the foundation his family is creating in honor of him.  

In an Instagram post in April last year, Adé shared how he was proud to check off one of his biggest bucket list items and looked forward to seeing the gorgeous plane grace the skies for the next decade. We couldn’t agree more with that and are honored to fly his typography & Martin Luther King Jr.’s words for many years to come.  


Our deepest sympathies go out to Adé’s family and friends. May they find peace and comfort knowing he left an undeniably beautiful mark on this earth.


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