‘I probably built this airplane.’ Boeing employees share their love for Seattle’s own Alaska Airlines

Boeing employees in the Seattle area recently shared their thoughts about flying the hometown airline. What’s your Alaska Airlines story?


  1. We don’t fly on any other airline unless Alaska doesn’t go where we need to go and that number of places is getting smaller all the time.

    1. Thanks, Bill! That’s great to hear. All of us here at Alaska appreciate your loyalty.

  2. I bought my ticket through Alaska airlines. There was a problem with the plane. Alaska took care of super well! Transportation, wonderful hotel, dinner and breakfast. Transportation back to the airport. I was off the next day. I Love Alaska Airlines. On time! I have a thousand great things to say about this airline! I fly them whenever possible!

  3. Many think the first airline in the link to Alaska Airlines was Star Air Service but it actually began in 1931 at Boeing Field in Seattle, when my grandfather, Steve Mills, began Northern Air Service. When Northern Air Service moved to Anchorage in 1932, the name was changed to Star Air Service. Most consider that the beginning of Alaska Airlines because of the lack of legal documentation to showing the link to Northern Air Service, even though it is spoken of in books about the history of Alaska Airlines. So, actually, the home of Alaska Airlines has gone full circle.

  4. Today’s my 79th birthday! I’m already planning a trip to see my daughter b/4 I turn 80!

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