At the Széchenyi Bath in Budapest. Photo courtesy of Allison Czarnecki.

How to travel with kids (hint: just do it)

Traveling with children can be a daunting proposition. Strollers, car seats, nap times, milk, diapers, escalators – and, not to mention, the children themselves. Add it all up and it’s a recipe for one big headache. But to raise good travelers, you have to start early, says Salt Lake City-area blogger Allison Czarnecki. How?

Co-workers, travelers reunite pilot with camera lost for a year

When Los Angeles-based Alaska Airlines First Officer Rick Russek saw his point-and-shoot camera fall into Resurrection Bay one summer, he was certain he’d never see it, or the precious family photos that were on the memory card, again. But an unlikely series of events combining the forces of nature, the kindness of strangers and co-workers, and simple…

Season’s first Copper River salmon arrives in Seattle

The smell of fish was in the air early on the morning of May 16, as Alaska Air Cargo delivered 24,100 pounds of the season’s first shipment of Copper River salmon to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The Copper River salmon’s arrival marks the beginning of the summer salmon season and is highly anticipated by seafood lovers throughout…

Day 1

82 years ago, this is where we started. Today we’re back in the air over the great state of Alaska to launch a new sort of journey. Blog, day 1.