Alliance countdown: Alaska joins oneworld in six months

Alaska enters a new frontier in six months. On March 31, 2021, for the first time in our 88-year history, we’ll become a member of a global airline alliance: oneworld.

Every airline has pivotal moments in its history. Decisions that are made for future success and stability, and to provide increased service and a better travel experience for its customers. oneworld offers us those opportunities,” said Nat Pieper, Alaska’s senior vice president of fleet, finances and alliances. “We are officially joining a family with some of the best airlines in the world. The possibilities are tremendous.”

There’s a huge amount of complicated work that’s being done behind-the-scenes at Alaska to meet our aggressive deadline. Changes are required to every one of our major systems so they can ‘talk’ to each oneworld member airline, and ensure we have a smooth and seamless guest experience.

It’s a lot of effort, but we believe it’s worth it:

  • oneworld further opens the world to our guests with more than 1,000 global destinations. You’ll fly more easily from Boise to Beijing or Portland to Prague. We’re already Global Partners with six oneworld members which include American Airlines, British Airways, Japan Airlines and Qantas, but soon we’ll add seven new partners under the alliance umbrella including Iberia and Qatar Airways.
  • Connectivity becomes easier with oneworld as our network (especially strong on the West Coast) supports the major, long-haul international flying of our fellow member airlines.
  • With our award-winning Mileage Plan program, our guests will be able to accrue and redeem miles across the oneworld global network.
  • For our elite travelers, oneworld prides itself on providing a consistent, high quality guest experience across the alliance. Status with us means status with oneworld and its 13 member airlines. This includes access to oneworld member airlines’ lounges when traveling internationally, priority check-in, access to preferred and pre-reserved seats, priority boarding and many other benefits. This key improvement to our guest experience will help us compete with our bigger U.S. rivals who offer their own global network.
  • oneworld also boosts the visibility of the Alaska brand. Being a member of a prestigious global alliance will help us be better known around North America – and around the world.

As spring begins next year, the famous blue orb of oneworld will find its home across our airline. It’ll be on employee name tags; in our airport lobbies, ticket stands and gate areas; in our guest emails, in advertisements, on our billboards; and positioned on our aircraft.

Also, you might be wondering about our partnerships with our current Global Partners that are not a part of oneworld. We value the benefits those partnerships provide our guests, and we’ll continue to maintain them as long as it’s mutually beneficial to do so.