Real-life employees star in Alaska’s 80s-inspired ‘Safety Dance’ video

Photos by Ingrid Barrentine.

It’s not every day that a group of airline employees covers a hit song from the 80s, but bringing the “fun” to care and safety is just what Alaska does.

Resurrecting the 1982 Men Without Hats single “Safety Dance,” 10 real Alaska Airlines employees starred in the recently launched TV spot all about the safety measures that make up Alaska’s Next-Level Care.

Employees rehearsed behind-the-scenes for three days in Alaska’s Seattle hangar to get the moves just right with Anna Matuszewski, Macklemore’s choreographer, and director Warren Fu who is known for his work with artists such as Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Daft Punk and HAIM. Learn more about their experience on centerstage below.

Keytar-shredding Pilot Patrick Miller

Alaska Captain Patrick Miller (or Captain Pat, as everyone calls him) tried to keep a low profile during the Safety Dance filming, but the director quickly realized they had a star in their midst.

Miller’s natural swagger and infamous keytar moved him quickly to the forefront. And even though he’s never played ‘a lick’ of keytar before, he says his informal guitar playing in a band and countless weddings over the years prepared him for this moment.

“It was a heck of a lot of fun,” Miller said. “Just a cool experience.”

Alaska Airlines Captain Patrick Miller behind-the-scenes.

Miller also loves the message of Safety Dance—and that it shows how Next-Level Care is something Alaska takes very seriously. “The cabin is kept so clean, it’s sanitized after every flight, masks are required and our HEPA filters onboard remove 99.9% of contaminants in the air.”

Miller on set.

Designated Lead Trainer & Dancer Jonathan Foster-Harris

When the fan came on and the hair began flowing freely, Jonathan Foster-Harris had his “Beyonce Moment.” Showing off his dance experience, you can see Jonathan in the video “riding the pony” and, like Natalie, showing off his flexibility with a COVID microbe kick.

“I hope it brought a smile to your face and made you move your waist,” he says.

During his day job as designated lead trainer, Foster-Harris helps keep Alaska’s operation running smoothly, from building schedules to subbing for customer service agents. “I’m here to surprise, delight and encourage,” he says.

Alaska Airlines Designated Lead Trainer Jonathan Foster-Harris behind-the-scenes.

He’s also enthusiastic about getting the message across that Alaska is serious about safety. “We deep-clean planes using high-grade EPA-disinfectants and electrostatic sprayers and do a lot to keep people safe,” he said.

Alaska’s safety-first mindset also held true even through rehearsals and production with COVID safeguards in place for the entire shoot. Ventilation was monitored, COVID tests were administered daily, everyone had masks and shields and physical distancing was faithfully observed.

“This whole experience has been another reflection of Alaska’s commitment to safety that’s been there since the beginning,” Foster-Harris said. “Even though a pandemic, Alaska’s still the airline people love.”

Foster-Harris on set.

High-kicking Flight Attendant Natalie Razor

Natalie Razor has been with Alaska for a year and a half and says it’s her dream job. As a flight attendant, Razor is all about safety and shows up with amazing energy. She loves talking to guests about how the air onboard refreshes every two to three minutes and how important it is to keep masks on while flying.

Her love for safety is crystal clear during her starring moment in the video, when she exclaims that masking up in the cabin is a must and shows off her boxing and high-kicking skills to one very overwhelmed “coronavirus molecule.”

“Even my eye doctor loves it,” she said. “Just to represent Alaska is such an honor. It’s a family and to be there representing what we stand for in safety and health really means everything.”

Horizon Air Flight Attendant Natalie Razor behind-the-scenes.

Razor loves to dance—even going so far as to proudly display the high kick at one local grocery store parking lot at the request of a mom and her young daughter, and learning all the moves in the video (even the scenes she wasn’t in). That’s just her style, who is also a proud mom to dancer daughters–one of whom is on an NBA dance squad. The moves just run in the family!

Razor on set.

Learn the official Safety Dance moves from Alaska Flight Attendant Rai Adair

Your moves could win you roundtrip tickets!

“Dancing releases endorphins, reduces stress and puts a smile on everyone’s face, even under a mask,” said Adair. “I hope everyone is finding opportunities to put joy into their day, and I hope this gives them another chance at it.”

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