Parting gifts from Guatemala: Alaska employees go above & beyond to delight guests

When was the last time you received a handwritten note? Perhaps it was a quick memo from a coworker, a reminder left on the counter to take out the trash or a card on your birthday. Maybe you don’t even remember. What was once a common courtesy and necessity has slowly faded away in favor of instantaneous, digital communications.

However, there is a small but mighty team in Central America who still believes in the power of putting pen to paper.

Last year, Alaska made history by adding Guatemala City (GUA) to the list of destinations we serve non-stop daily from the West Coast. Daily service between Los Angeles (LAX) and Guatemala City (GUA) has not only been closing the distance between cities, but also connecting the people and cultures that call the two places home.

Customer service agents (CSAs) have played a big role in that.

For many, there are a lot of aspects of traveling that can feel monotonous. But thanks to a few employees, the boarding process in Guatemala City has been reinvigorated with the hospitality and warmth the country has to offer.

Prior to each departure from Guatemala City, control and boarding agents find time in their busy schedules to handwrite notes for every First Class and MVP guest. When guests arrive at their seats, they’re greeted with a short, personalized note that speaks to a much greater message; it sets a tone of value and positivity for their entire journey. As part of our values, this tone is echoed in everything we stand for as a brand: being remarkable means being welcoming and hospitable to everybody who boards one of our aircraft.

The process is as heartfelt as the gesture itself. Customer service agents, in the midst of their bustling tasks, find moments of quiet to write these notes,” says Krystal C., director station operations Latin America. “Each message is a reflection of the individuality of the recipient, whether it’s a warm welcome, a wish for a pleasant journey, or a note of appreciation. This task, though simple, is imbued with the team’s genuine desire to create an unforgettable & premium experience for our guests.”

“It spoke of a bygone era of travel, where every journey was an occasion, and every passenger, a guest of honor,” said Fernando C., GUA station operations manager.

While times have changed, our commitment to delivering a premium experience for every guest remains the same. For the GUA team, travel is truly a labor of love.

This initiative was completely homegrown and is one of the reasons why people choose to fly with us,” said Rick H., managing director of operations. “The GUA team saw an opportunity to connect and appreciate some of our most valued guests. The initiative continues today, and guests have taken notice of it. I’m incredibly proud of each member of the GUA team!”

Did you know? With the additions of Guatemala and the Bahamas in December, we now serve six countries from the West Coast. 💙✈️