2014: Alaska scales back after Los Cabos airport closes to relief flights, commercial operations

Alaska Airlines scaled back humanitarian relief operations out of Mexico on Friday, with one relief flight out of Los Cabos and one relief flight from Loreto.

Alaska employees on the ground in Los Cabos reported Friday that all customers have been evacuated from the area that was severely damaged by Hurricane Odile on Sunday.

On Friday afternoon, Mexico’s Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics – similar to the FAA – closed Los Cabos International Airport to any additional relief flights or commercial operations following the evacuation of all foreign tourists. The DGAC and local governments will focus their efforts on repairing the airport.

Flights in and out of Los Cabos are not expected to resume until the airport reopens for commercial air service.

During relief operations, Alaska Airlines evacuated about 2,000 people — a mix of customers from Alaska Airlines and other airlines.

In all, nine relief flights carried 1,549 people out of Los Cabos on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Two relief flights carried 229 people out of Mazatlan on Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday’s relief flight out of Loreto carried 140 people.

This weekend, Alaska Airlines plans to operate one daily relief flight from Loreto to Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday.

Scheduled relief flights our of Loreto

  • Saturday, Sept. 20: Alaska Airlines Flight 2602 operated by Horizon Air
  • Sunday, Sept. 21: Alaska Airlines Flight 2602 operated by Horizon Air
    Check the flight status at: www.alaskaair.com/flightstatus

While the airport in Loreto has reopened from the damage it received from Hurricane Odile, there is the potential for more adverse weather conditions from Tropical Storm Polo. As a result of the sustained damage as well as the threat of heavy rain and strong winds, the local authorities of Loreto have requested that no new passengers arrive into the area. Polo’s estimated track is not forecast to turn inland, but if it does, landfall would likely be early Sunday. Alaska Airlines is closely monitoring the situation and will share any new information as soon as it becomes available.

Flexible travel policies are in place related to Odile and Polo.

How can I help in the efforts?

Donate to Charity Miles: To donate your Mileage Plan™ Miles to Hurricane Odile and Los Cabos relief efforts, please select the Alaska Airlines Charity Miles Pool for your donation. Contributions will be used to support charities involved with Hurricane Odile relief efforts and for transportation of medical staff and volunteers. Learn more.

We are not accepting other donations at this time.