Travel alert: Alaska Airlines braces for morning snow in Seattle

A wintry forecast for the Seattle area is prompting Alaska Airlines to cancel 20 flights into and out of the Emerald City tomorrow morning.

11:15 p.m. Update: With weather forecasts now predicting snow accumulations of up to 2 inches, six more Alaska Airlines flights operated by Horizon Air have also been canceled. This brings the total number of flights canceled tomorrow to 26. Affected passengers will be automatically rebooked to a later flight. To avoid lengthy hold times, customers are encouraged to check the status of their flight online at

6:30 p.m. The National Weather Service reports cold weather is moving in and with that light snow is forecasted in the lowlands. The nearly 1,300 passengers affected will automatically be rebooked onto later flights, and are urged to check the status of their flights on before heading to the airport.

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air crews are prepared to respond to the changing conditions. We have a well-stocked supply of deicing solution at the airport to be sprayed on planes if it’s needed.

Snow is scheduled to fall starting at midnight and continuing through early morning, making for a possibly slick Monday commute on the roads. If you’re catching a flight to start the work week, please check the status of your flight before leaving home, and allow additional time to get to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.


  1. Thank You Bobbie Egan! Very concise and helpful.

  2. 20 flights have been cancelled. To where?

    1. Flight 602/607 SEA-LAS-SEA
      Flight 342/353 SEA-OAK-SEA
      Flight 418/475 SEA-LAS-SEA
      Flight 724/719 SEA-SLC-SEA
      Flight 674/673 SEA-DEN-SEA
      Flight 99/52 SEA-ANC-SEA
      Flight 530/537 SEA-ONT-SEA
      Flight 642/689 SEA-GEG-SEA
      Flight 506/501 SEA-SNA-SEA
      Flight 522/523 SEA-BUR-SEA

      Flight 2266/2267 SEA-YVR-SEA
      Flight 2517/2612 SEA-RDM-SEA
      Flight 2485/2743 SEA-MSO-SEA

  3. It seems a bit premature to preemptively cancel flights on an uncertain forecast. I had my whole work day lined out predicated on getting out of Seattle on a Monday early bird. I got the cancellation email at 6:14 pm, too late to cancel my hotel reservation so I’m getting charged a night (needed to call before 6 pm). So I am rebooked for Tuesday morning now. The forecast for Tuesday morning looks worse.

    1. We did this after learning forecasts called for snow accumulations in the morning between 1-2″. Given this is the busiest time of the day, we targeted flights to cancel in markets that have multiple flights scheduled during the day, so that we could get our customers out by day’s end. I’m really sorry that this inconvenienced you. We’re trying our best to get everyone out safely and as soon as possible.

      1. Safety is what it’s about! Thank You!

    2. I disagree that it was “premature”. I’d MUCH rather find out Sunday evening than Monday morning at 3AM. Also, given what we all know of Seattle and snow, it’s a pretty safe bet that the the cancellations will be required (i.e., it’s not so “uncertain”). Keep up the good work Alaska!

    3. The hotel will not charge you for the night if it because of a canceled airline flight. Call the hotel directly and explain what happened. Good luck!

    4. Call your hotel to tell them that your flight is cancelled due to snow. Many of them will understand and will allow you to cancel Give them flight details.

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