For every #GoingTheExtraMile mom-ent shared we’ll donate 500 miles to those in need

Take a mom-ent to give a shout out to the moms out there this Mother’s Day, and we’ll donate to people in need. Use both #GoingTheExtraMile and #iFlyAlaska in your social post (on Facebook & Instagram) to share a moment when your mom went the extra mile. For every post, we’ll donate 500 miles to our LIFT Miles Program for disaster relief, up to 500,000 miles.

From all of us at Alaska, we wish you a very happy Mother’s Day. Here are some of our favorite employee mom-ents:

Alaska Mom Juanita from D.C.

Juanita at Dulles International Airport

Alaska gate lead Juanita has worked for Alaska for almost five years. She is a mother of three & “glam mom” of one. Her son, Bobbie says she brings high energy to her team and cupcakes on a weekly basis or things she’s cooked to keep everyone’s spirits up and show her support for everything everyone is doing during this tough time.

“My favorite thing about my mom is while I am working and in between her working she was still bringing in meals, and I’d be on conference calls and she walks in and says hi to everyone on the call. It just shows her support for me when I was alone during this time period. Because social distancing can be hard for people who are extroverts so it was comforting knowing that I could come up to my mom’s house and have that good time with her so we got to workout, we ran the trail every week, we tried to do some TikTok videos and she’s a way better dancer than I am. So it was just fun, just bonding with her.”

Bobbie & his mom Juanita

Alaska Mom Katokula from Anchorage

Kato at Anchorage’s Cargo facility

Katokula or “Kato” has worked for Alaska Airlines for 11 years at Anchorage’s Cargo facility. Her daughter Maata says her mom is proud to work for Alaska Airlines and that she never hesitates to pick up shifts, especially during COVID-19. She says her mom always goes the extra mile every day she goes to work and loves it.

“She wears so many hats there at the warehouse and has been recognized numerous times for her hard work. My mom is very caring, genuine and supportive. She supports everybody, family, friends, churches, even though she’s as busy as she is she still goes above and beyond for everybody, it’s amazing!”

Alaska Mom Rachael from Everett, Wash.

Rachael making masks to donate to people in need.

Rachael is a Horizon Air passenger service agent at Paine Field. She’s worked for Horizon for nearly two years and has twin boys who are now in college.

Recently, Rachael organized a group of Horizon employees to create and donate nearly 800 masks for people in need, including students at Central Washington University.

“I’ve always liked the saying ‘see a need, fill a need,’ so seeing what was happening and noticing a lot of people were needing masks, I thought, ‘you know I have a sewing machine, I know the basics of sewing. I know there are a lot of people out there that have donations, that can’t sew, but they could donate supplies.’ I ran it by my manager and she loved the idea, so that’s how it was born.”

She says her family is quite lucky. “I honestly don’t know of anyone close to me who has been sick or affected personally by the virus. I feel like things could be a lot worse, but I’ve got it good.”

Horizon Air employees volunteering to create masks.