Alaska launches mobile ordering, letting travelers reserve meals before flights

Imagine you’re at dinner in Seattle, enjoying a delicious meal at one of Tom Douglas’ landmark dining spots.  The next morning you’re booked on an Alaska Airlines flight and the idea of feasting on another  would be the perfect end to your Seattle vacation or mark the beginning of your journey to one of the more than 100 destinations Alaska serves.

Travelers can reserve their favorite meals with ease on Alaska’s iOS and Android apps, as well as its mobile website up to 12 hours before their flight and pay when the flight attendant delivers the meal onboard.

“We’re thrilled about our new partnership with Tom Douglas and about our long list of locally produced products available to our customers when they travel,” said Curtis Kopf, vice president of customer innovation and marketing for Alaska. “So whether you’re craving our savory ‘Tom Douglas Cascade Brisket Chili,’ or our Signature Fruit and Cheese Platter featuring Beecher’s and Tillamook cheeses, starting this month, you can reserve your favorite meal in advance.”

Mobile ordering will initially be available on flights between Seattle and the Hawaiian islands and on transcontinental flights, and will be rolled out at most other locations served by Alaska in January, said David Rodriguez, manager of onboard food and beverage.

Alaska has made great strides in its mobile development since launching its first app in 2010.  Today users can book a flight, check-in and access their electronic boarding pass and change seats, among other things.

Alaska’s app has received many accolades, including a five star review – higher than any other airline app – in the Apple Store.

“Reserving your meal item like you do a seat will ensure customers get their favorite foods and also help us reduce food waste,” said Joel Werdell, mobile product manager. “We are excited to offer main cabin passengers the ability to reserve the food directly from their mobile device. It’s just another way to make our passengers’ journey a little easier.”


  1. I agree. Prepay big idea

  2. I think this is awesome. I like to know what is available ahead of time so I can decide if I need to bring something with me or just get my meal on the plane. Thank you!

  3. Yes, paying prior to the flight is also a great idea when sending unaccompanied minors to visit relatives.!

  4. This is a great service, but why not let people pay in advance? That’d be more convenient than fumbling for a wallet or purse when the flight attendant comes up to you on board. I’d prefer to pay when I order, so it’s all taken care of in one transaction. Thanks!

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