Kathy does everything she can so guests know they’re in good hands

Photo by Susan Ewbank

When a woman in her 70s arrived for her Boise-to-Seattle flight without the correct portable oxygen machine for travel, Kathy Reissig called the guest’s medical-equipment supplier, which agreed to do an exchange if the woman returned to the store. But the woman had arrived at the airport by taxi, so Reissig drove her in Reissig’s own car—20 minutes each way—to make the exchange. Reissig also reticketed the woman for a later flight, and called the guest’s family members in Seattle to let them know about the change.

“I care about people,” says Reissig, a Boise-based Customer Services Supervisor who has been with the airline for nearly 35 years, doing jobs ranging from ticketing, boarding and baggage/cargo handling to deicing and marshaling aircraft, on her way to becoming a supervisor.

My experience allows me to help wherever I’m needed. I consider our agents my first customers, and I always want to do the best I can for them and partner with them. I get thanked a lot for jumping in and being an extra hand. It’s a small thing that goes a long way.”

Kathy Reissig

She is also known for being calm, kind, nurturing, respectful and friendly with team members and guests, and requiring utmost attention to safety, regulations compliance and service. “We get to connect with people from different walks of life, and that is fun,” she says.

We have these wonderful people who get on an airplane, and they are trusting that we are doing what we’re supposed to do, and our job is to make sure that we do everything we’re supposed to do, every day.”

Reissig joined Horizon after high school, when a travel agent uncle noted that airlines have good travel benefits. “He was right—our family has had marvelous vacations,” she says.

She also loves the daily variety of her job, the scheduling flexibility and the employee camaraderie.

We are like a family. I always tell guests, ‘You are in good hands,’” she said.