Alaska Airlines is planting a tree for every flight to the Hawaiian Islands—and we invite you to Malama Hawaii with us

In the spirit of giving back as Hawaii tourism recovers, Alaska Airlines will plant one tree for every flight we fly to the Hawaiian Islands from now through the end of the year, in support of Malama Hawaii. Malama means to “take care,” and as visitors return to Hawaii, the Islands are asking travelers to be respectful of Hawaii’s beauty and leave with a better understanding of what it means to care for the earth and each other.

Whether you plan to work from Hawaii or are planning a future trip to the islands, we’re encouraging our guests to experience the Islands on a deeper level with a greater emphasis on connecting with the community, culture and to leave Hawaii better than when they arrived — and help preserve it for the future. Now through the end of 2020, Alaska will plant nearly 900 trees, in partnership with the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative. We invite our guests to join us in support of Malama Hawaii by sponsoring their very own Alaska Airlines Legacy Tree or participating in another volunteer activity during their visit.

The trees will be planted with the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative (HLRI) at Gunstock Ranch, located on the island of Oahu — the same location where our President Ben Minicucci planted a tree with other Alaska employees during a recent visit to Hawaii.

Why trees? Trees produce oxygen for the environment while improving our air, land, and water quality. According to HLRI, when you plant a native endemic tree, like the Milo tree, it helps to reforest lands in Hawaii that have been decimated by livestock and commercialization. Native Hawaiian birds, insects and wildlife also benefit from these forests, as well as the environment and lands that are passed on to the next generation.

Travel has fundamentally changed, and travelers have become aware of their personal impact on the places they visit now more than ever,” said Jeffrey Dunster, Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative’s co-founder and executive director. “By planting an Alaska Airlines Legacy Tree and helping to offset your carbon footprint during your stay in Hawaii, you’ll be making a difference for our island home — and the only footprint you’ll leave behind will be left in the sand of our beautiful beaches.”

While visiting Hawaii might look and feel different these days, visitors can count on strengthening their connection to the Islands by experiencing its natural beauty and learning from its residents — all while helping regenerate the destination.

As we welcome visitors back to Hawaii, we want to support awareness of mindful travel to the Islands—both in the air and on the ground,” said Daniel Chun, Alaska’s director of sales, community and public relations for Hawaii, who is also a Hawaii Tourism Authority board member. “Alaska has always taken great pride in being responsible stewards of the places we fly, and we hope our guests take pride in this, too. We’re excited to support Malama Hawaii, as it provides a way for our guests to partner with local residents and organizations to help strengthen the communities they visit.”

When you’re ready to explore, rejuvenate and reconnect, Hawaii is waiting for you and offers plenty of opportunities to not only visit, but to give back to Hawaii.

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COVID testing for Alaska flyers.

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