Vaccinated travelers no longer need negative COVID test to fly to Hawaii

Hawaii is open and ready for you when you are! We’re here to help prep for paradise. 

1. Create a travel profile. 

Before you go, you’ll need to create a Safe Travels profile on the State of Hawaii’s website [it’s mandatory for residents and visitors]. There, you can add other travelers under 18 years old.  

2. Skip lines with our Pre-Clear program. 

Alaska Airlines guests are now able to pre-clear at the departure gate, and bypass airport screening upon arrival in Hawaii.  

To qualify for your Hawaii Pre-Clear wristband, your Safe Travels profile must be updated with the following info: 

  • Proof of negative COVID-19 test result or one of the following vaccination records in PDF format. 
    • A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card 
    • VAMS (Vaccination Administration Management System) printout OR 
    • DOD DD Form 2766C 
  • Completed travel health questionnaire 
  • Signed online attestation 

3. Not vaxxed? Book a COVID test. 

If you’re not vaccinated, you’ll need to book an appointment with one of our trusted COVID-19 testing partners—or quarantine for 10 days. 

Upload your test results or one of the following PDFs to your Safe Travels profile. 

  • A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card 
  • VAMS (Vaccination Administration Management System) printout OR 
  • DOD DD Form 2766C 

If your COVID-19 test results are still pending or are not uploaded to your Safe Travels profile when your Hawaii-bound flight departs, you will be required to self-quarantine on arrival in Hawaii for 10 days or the length of your stay, whichever is shorter. 

4. Confirm you’re good to fly. 

Take Hawaii’s travel health questionnaire before you fly (available 24 hours before your flight). Pro-tip: We recommend bringing hard copies of your vaccination record or test results and lodging confirmation with you to the airport. 

Please know: If your vaccination records are not validated by Safe Travels prior to departure, we will need to see an original CDC COVID-19 vaccination card to qualify for Pre-Clear. VAMS, DD 276CC, or copies of the vaccination card will require manual clearance on arrival in Hawaii. 

Visit hawaiicovid19/travel for frequently asked questions about the Safe Travels program. 

5. Malama when you get there. 

Malama, means “to nurture” or “care for,” and is all about preserving the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and taking care of all those who live there. As tourism starts to recover, the islands encourage travelers to be open-minded and respectful of Hawaii’s beauty and leave with a better understanding of what it means to care for the earth, each other and ourselves. Learn more.