How health care workers can fly for free on Alaska Airlines

We’re beyond grateful for medical workers everywhere who are going the extra mile to keep people safe and healthy. In appreciation of their heroic efforts, we’re giving each medical worker flying on us to provide coronavirus support a roundtrip ticket for some much-needed R&R in the future.

Recently, Alaska Airlines launched a program to fly medical workers for free to places where they are needed most to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

#GoingTheExtraMile is our way of recognizing individuals who are going above and beyond.

If you would like to donate your miles to help transport doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, visit the Alaska Airlines Disaster Relief Fund.

How health care workers can fly for free on Alaska Airlines:

What are the criteria for individuals or groups to be considered for this program?
You must be an essential health care worker (nurse, doctor, LPN, surgeons, etc.) and be in need of travel for humanitarian flight support. Groups can only be considered if traveling with 10 or less people per organization.

If I am a health care worker, how do I book my free flight?
To request a flight, visit our partner Angel Flight West’s website or call AFW directly at (310) 390-2958. They will verify if you meet the criteria and book your flight on Alaska Airlines.

What type of information do I need for booking my flight?
Besides the standard information required for commercial travel, please be prepared to provide supporting documents and contact information from the placement agency or hospital/organization you are associated with or directly supporting.

What type of ticket will be booked?
The ticket booked will be non-refundable, roundtrip, for travel between April and June.

Do I need to pay for my bags?
No, Alaska Airlines will cover your first four bags free of charge.

Where can I fly?
We are flying health care workers to any place Alaska Airlines flies in the United States.

How quickly can I fly?
We ask that you contact Angel Flight West at least three days prior to your travel.

When will I receive my free R&R ticket?
Tickets will be sent by mail once Alaska’s Airlines response to COVID-19 flight program is closed, the tickets are valid up to one year.

Would Alaska Airlines reimburse me if I paid my own way for  travel and found out about the medical provider travel program later? No. You would need to go through our approval and booking process with Angel Flight West prior for the travel.